Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sad Loot Whore

Tuesday 08/29/07: Last night was a Kara night, 6 bosses in 3 hours, so it was a nice run. Except for the fact that all the bosses are stingy bitches that only drop caster/healing gear. Our MT has everything he wants out of Kara so if any warrior items drop its free purples for Raydz, problem is nothing dropped! The agony of possibly getting all the warrior loot but it never dropping is like having your pubic hair ripped out by a demented clown( I hate clowns btw). Grats to all the guildies who got stuff, we had a resto druid and holy paladin benefit the most. I want to say they got 4 items each. Question:If im a loot whore that gets no loot, does that just make me a whore? What was cool about last night was that I got to see/kill Nightbane. I didn’t even realize he was located between the opera event and the Curator. It was a really fun fight much like Onyxia, dps has to stay away from her head and tail to avoid cleaves, fire. There are phases where the dragon flies up into the air and will summon skeletons. He also will set the ground on fire which everyone has to avoid to not be cooked. Fight lasted about 9 minutes with no one dying, good times had by all =). Hopefully tonight group 1 will finish up Kara and jump into Gruul’s lair tonight or tomorrow night. Here are some screen shots of the fight and what he dropped. Repair bill: 8 gold

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Case of the Mondays

Monday 08/27/07:
Last night was basically full of goofing around and helping Dirtyoldman (Pally). He is level 68 and wanted to start on his Kara quests. We meet up at Kara and I notice I have a quest that has been completed but not turned in yet, sweet. I collect my 12 gold for killing Prince and pick up the next quest which sends me to Dalaran. I help Dirtyoldman do the water & soul essence quests for his Kara attunement chain, and we finish this in short order. While he turns those in I kill a lvl 70 shaman and make a 70 pally bubble and zone into Kara (Not before he gave me the /rude command…bastard), not that im leet, far from it, they were just seriously under geared. Since they were probably part of a 10 man raid me and Dirtyoldman get the hell out of there and fly to Southshore, since we both now have quests to turn in. We land and I notice a lvl 70 horde mage who was out killing lowbies. Since he was such a “sik dawg” I had an Old Yeller flashback and decided to put him out of his misery, which was kinda fun I don’t know why the kid cried in the movie. I miss the days of massive wars between Tauren Mill and Southshore. Introducing battlegrounds really put a kibosh to world pvp. Anyways, we ride up to Dalaran to turn in our quests (Dirty – resto druid has joined us now) and I get a pretty nice trinket. It’s not amazing or anything but pretty nice, especially since I need to have 300+ arcane resist if I ever want to tank some bosses in Tempest Keep. After that we decide to go to Strat (Live side), since im not attuned for Naxx and apparently its being brought up to speed to be a lvl 70 dungeon we decided to go get some righteous orbs. I have no idea if they are going to make you do extra work to be attuned to the new Naxx or if there will even be an attunement process at all, but whatever it was something to do. It was my goal to pull as many mobs onto us as I could, which I did. I almost got us killed several times. Why was I doing this? I was getting bored and making Dirty and Dirtyoldman bitch on vent was making me laugh. At one point I really did think we were going to wipe because we had runners going everywhere pulling more mobs, it was great, can’t believe we actually killed so much at one time(we killed so much and for so long I actually lost 8% durability). We get to the last boss and kill him and he drops a nice purple pattern, which we rolled greed and I won. I have no idea if this thing has any worth though since its pre-bc and no one would probably take the time to get the mats to craft this, but I guess we’ll see if it sells. After the live run I did a few eye of the storm battle grounds then decide to go to bed. Overall a rather unexciting night, but maybe I’ll make some gold off the pattern. Tonight should be more eventful as it’s hopefully a Kara night.
Repair bill for the Night: 15 gold

Monday, August 27, 2007

I dont know why but i find this hilarious

Pwn Me Deeper

Friday 08/24/07-Sunday 08/26/07: Friday when I got home I decided to respec and get some arena/battle grounds in. The plan was that I would pvp on Friday night and Saturday morning then respec back to prot for Gruul Saturday night. We never could get enough people on for Gruul(bummer) so it was pretty much a pvp weekend. I did however have to go quest until I made my 120 gold back to cover the respec back and forth before I could pvp. Battleground: It was eye of the storm bonus honor weekend so that’s what my “free” time consisted of. “Free” time means im not doing arena’s, earning money for my respecs, helping Dirtyoldman quest, or any of the 100 RL things that come up. I didn’t get as many games in as I would have liked to buy my pvp boots for 17k, but I did earn about 4k this weekend getting me about 13k. I have noticed that it’s much harder to earn honor as my Warrior than it is my Horde hunter. Since I have to get in to melee I get targeted/killed much faster than my hunter. With my hunter I just hang back and shoot everyone while rarely taking damage myself. Being a warrior and constantly waiting on the 30 second rez timer does add up and take its toll on honor gained since im missing out on a lot more kills. Then again I don’t get nearly as many killing blows with my hunter as I do my warrior. I love Execute when im specced for pvp, wish killing blows added more honor somehow. Over all I had a good Eye of the storm weekend, alliance did a good job holding their own. I’d say we won a little over half of them, which normally im not used to winning unless it’s AV. Alliance totally dominates on AV but nothing else, why is that, because its more pve based than other BG’s? Arena: I definitely need a lot of pvp work with my warrior. I would have to honestly say I play my hunter about 100x better than I do my warrior when it comes to pvp. Example? This weekend I did 2v2 arena with my hunter and we went 8-2, it was a good time with a lot of pwnage. With my warrior I went 2-8 2v2 (Me-Fury Warrior and Dirty who is a 0/40/21 druid) and 3-28(Me , Jenet-Arms Warrior, Krawl-not sure his spec but mostly fire, and Palad a holy specced pally --- we all took turns), ouch. I might as well just run out into the middle of the arena, pull my plate pants down and present my skinny purple ass to the closest opposing team member. I’ll still get about 200 points for my arena with alliance so that’s not horrible I guess. Ideally I should be arms spec for pvp and I would love to be I just don’t have a good two handed weapon to use. The only two hander I have does less damage than either of my one handed weapons. I would have to say though that those 3 wins on the 3v3 team felt better than any of the others, especially cause over vent Krawl gets all pumped up and yells “Were gonna win!”. I really don’t mind losing that much in arena’s im still having a blast with it, until we all get some nice gear I expect us to lose all the time. Speaking of nice gear I have some very sad numbers for myself. I have a mod which will calculate how much arena honor I will most likely get. If I wanted to buy my whole season 1 set it would cost me 10433 arena points. Getting about 200 points a week, this will take me 52 weeks(1 year)…..awesome. If I wanted to buy my season 2 gear it would cost me a total of 12000 points, using again 200 points per week this will take me 60 weeks….even better. I guess what I need to happen is for Krawl to really step up here and single handedly raise our ranking to about 2100 and we need to have about a 40-0 record for the week =). By the way isn’t the warrior season 1 armor much better looking than the season 2? I think so, season 2 is boarder line retarded looking in my opinion. Season 1 is on the first picture. These numbers are all just rough estimates as the pvp seasons will change and items will become cheaper, also as we get piece by piece well do better and get more points per week. Hopefully im looking at a full set of pvp gear before the next expansion to make leveling to 80 a little easier. 1 full set of purples for about 1-2 hours worth of work per week? Ill take it. Odd guild chat comment this weekend, it disturbs me so I thought id post it. Repair bill for the whole weekend: 30g - not shabby

Friday, August 24, 2007

Spend 120g Just to make gold?

Thursday 08/23/07: *This is a pissy post* Last night I wanted to make some cash so I can afford some nice enchants for the weapons I had gotten the previous night. Right now im sitting on about 150 gold. (I still owe Krawl 100g, I haven’t forgotten about you) I want to put a "Mongoose" enchant on my tanking weapon and “Savagery” on the DPS axe I got. Roughly these enchants will cost me about 300-350 gold a piece. I log on and the guild isn’t running anything so I set out to do some quests for cash(as Prot Spec). I really hate the idea of having to spend 60 gold on a respect to fury just so I can quest. If I repec to fury sure I can kill things much much faster but then I have to complete 3-4 quests just to make up the money for the respec in the first place. Then I have to make enough to respec back to prot so I can tank effectively in raids, so that’s another 2-3 quests. If I keep switching back and forth every week that’s 7-8 quests I have to do just to make up the difference of the respecs. I decided not to respec and see how the night goes. Prot spec means I do absolutely no damage, I mean it’s embarrassing. Here is a screen shot of the damage I do verse a level 66 mob duel wielding the two new weapons I had gotten. Even my executes are pathetic, at level 60 with an arms build I was getting executes between 4-6k regularly in MC. How did last night go for me? I completed 3 quests, which took all night because it takes forever for me to kill one mob. I run into trouble when I get a pat on me, since im prot I hardly take any damage but since I can’t hardly kill anything they get to hit on me forever. Am I not paying attention and that’s why im getting multiple mobs on me? No im constantly trying to keep away from multiple mobs, the problem is im there so long I get respawns! I died a few times causing myself a 22gold repair bill. Turning in the 3 completed quests plus vendoring the junk earned me about 40 gold for the night. Questing for a few hours for 18 gold = not worth it. I guess this weekend ill try the respec route, at least that way I can enjoy some BG’s and Arena’s before I have to go back to prot. Repair bill for the night: 22 gold

Thursday, August 23, 2007

High King Maulgar

Killed him on our 3d attempt, thought i would just include a picture since he is a neat looking raid boss.
I posted the actual fight info here:

New Guild,New Bosses, New Lootz

Wed:08/22/07 That morning I had decided to apply to Mal Katai, I have some old friends from ascension in that guild who had said they might need a tank. I figured why not, 25 man content sounds fun, and I still had never gotten to see prince in Kara. So that morning I make my guild app, but it doesn’t look good as they say they have a lot of tanks…. Bummer. I log onto wow that night and speak with the GM and it turns out they do need a tank, awesome good news. Five minutes later I get the guild invite. “Hi All thanks for inviting me!” “Welcome” “Welcome to Mal Katai” Five minutes after that I get a raid invite for Kara, the tank that’s currently in there already has everything he needs(Wish I was that lucky). So I go and take his spot in case something warrior like drops and they don’t have to waste it. Low and behold a Phat sword drops off the Chess event! Sweet action. Right after that its four pulls and were at the Prince (I had no idea he was so close to the chess event). I get a brief explanation on what I need to do this fight, and it was pretty brief because these guys have done this boss so much they didn’t really think any explanation was needed since it’s so easy for them now. The prince does this spell which causes your life to go to 1%, then he does a spell right after that which if you’re in his blast radius it kills you. When you have the 1% basically you run like hell to get out of there. I didn’t know this at first so im at 1%, and im like uh oh, hopefully I get a heal, then everyone yells on vent Raydz! Get out!. ….To late I get hit with the blast wave……but I resist it! Everyone laughs because apparently it never gets resisted. Well then next round im at 1% again, im aware of what’s happening….but with awesome dial up I lag out(Crap what a way to make an appearance 1st day in a guild), but then laughing on vent occurs again, I resisted it! Next round no lag, I know what’s going on, got out of the aura just fine. I forgot to mention the whole time you’re fighting him he is summoning huge fiery Internals which plummet from the sky(I think we had like 9). They don’t move from where they land but they do these huge fire blast waves so you have to move the boss all around and the healers are constantly having to shift positions. Prince dies and drops a DPS axe. Which no one needs so I get that too! Welcome to the Mal Katai would you like to ride our never ending train of purples? I sure would! Kara ends and there is almost enough to do Gruuls Layer, thats freaking sweet. We get all formed up but are short a few healers so they ask if anyone knows any. I sure do, I whispered Baconstrip and he dropped his AV and came along. I haven’t ever done any of the 25 man content so I was pumped. The first boss is only 2 pulls away! Which someone messed it up so we did the 2 pulls all at 1x, which made it go faster but was much more stressful. Finally we get to the boss, everyone is assigned there task and we set to work. My job is soaking up bolts and tanking the “Warlock” Oger, that was pretty fun and easier than I thought it would be. I had a veteran Druid tank coaching me through it so that helped a lot. We wipe the first 2x since everyone was getting used to the fight and then on the 3d attempt he went down crying like a bitch. There again something drops for me, since we had to pug a few people it’s all rolls. Its my tier 4 shoulders so it’s a pretty big deal. I roll…..a 95 and win! Holy crap! I start talking with the GM though and she is saying since I won they are mine but they have a druid who is still wearing his greens and he really needs them and I just got 2 purple items, so I was like alright he can have them. Man that was hard to do the shoulders are such a tight item! I cried myself to sleep last night. The GM informed me though that this earned me major brownie points though and now am a member of their Kara core group 1! I’ll be decked out in no time hopefully as long as my luck holds out on drops. Im looking forward to my next run whether its Kara or a 25 man instance, hopefully I can talk bacon into healing us again. Repair bill for the night: Only 11 gold

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rag Ripoff Dropped Again

Tuesday: 08/21/07 **Totally ripped off Krawls blog for my title just to be an ass** Not having much to do on Tuesday night I decided I need to do Shadow Labs for 2 reasons. First reason this run would get me revered status, which happened, cool. Secondly I want the shield off the first boss, which didn’t happen, /stabmyeyesoutomg. Seriously that damn shield will not drop for me….ever. I am basically revered through a strait rep grind of SL, I did very few lower city quests and passed up all other Auch Instances(I have never ran them with this char except seth halls 1x to get my SL key). I have killed that first boss in there at least 15x, im convinced that a shield does not drop off him, Atlas loots is wrong and everyone else is on crack. I went in there with my buddy Krawl(70 mage) and his wife Jenet(70 dps warrior) and we picked up a pug Pally healer( Hellscream? Cant remember) and a horrible, crappy, /ignore, no idea what aggro is, terrible 70 lock (wish I could remember his name but I think I blocked it out). My first thought when I zoned in with everyone was… god, im surrounded by gnomes, 1 guy was a dwarf but that’s just a fat gnome really. Krawl doing the “/train” command wasn’t helping. I think I have real issues with Gnomes, they are right up there with how freaky clowns are. Anyway…The run started off fine, our dps did great, pally was good, but the lock sucked my balls. He wouldn’t follow a kill order, dotted everything he saw (this includes his own CC’d mob and the sheeped mob), Either he was purposely trying to make a tanking nightmare for me, or he was the worst player ever. Im glad he only stayed till after the first boss, then he had to log. After he left our pally had a hunter friend who came and finished the run with us. We did finish the instance but had a few hiccups and wipes but no biggy. Jenet got some nice dps pants (ones I paid for in the AH ><), and the rest of the loot was greeded I believe. Overall it was an alright run after the horrible lock left(It figures the lock was a Gnome). Repair bill: 27 gold