Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Case of the Mondays

Monday 08/27/07:
Last night was basically full of goofing around and helping Dirtyoldman (Pally). He is level 68 and wanted to start on his Kara quests. We meet up at Kara and I notice I have a quest that has been completed but not turned in yet, sweet. I collect my 12 gold for killing Prince and pick up the next quest which sends me to Dalaran. I help Dirtyoldman do the water & soul essence quests for his Kara attunement chain, and we finish this in short order. While he turns those in I kill a lvl 70 shaman and make a 70 pally bubble and zone into Kara (Not before he gave me the /rude command…bastard), not that im leet, far from it, they were just seriously under geared. Since they were probably part of a 10 man raid me and Dirtyoldman get the hell out of there and fly to Southshore, since we both now have quests to turn in. We land and I notice a lvl 70 horde mage who was out killing lowbies. Since he was such a “sik dawg” I had an Old Yeller flashback and decided to put him out of his misery, which was kinda fun I don’t know why the kid cried in the movie. I miss the days of massive wars between Tauren Mill and Southshore. Introducing battlegrounds really put a kibosh to world pvp. Anyways, we ride up to Dalaran to turn in our quests (Dirty – resto druid has joined us now) and I get a pretty nice trinket. It’s not amazing or anything but pretty nice, especially since I need to have 300+ arcane resist if I ever want to tank some bosses in Tempest Keep. After that we decide to go to Strat (Live side), since im not attuned for Naxx and apparently its being brought up to speed to be a lvl 70 dungeon we decided to go get some righteous orbs. I have no idea if they are going to make you do extra work to be attuned to the new Naxx or if there will even be an attunement process at all, but whatever it was something to do. It was my goal to pull as many mobs onto us as I could, which I did. I almost got us killed several times. Why was I doing this? I was getting bored and making Dirty and Dirtyoldman bitch on vent was making me laugh. At one point I really did think we were going to wipe because we had runners going everywhere pulling more mobs, it was great, can’t believe we actually killed so much at one time(we killed so much and for so long I actually lost 8% durability). We get to the last boss and kill him and he drops a nice purple pattern, which we rolled greed and I won. I have no idea if this thing has any worth though since its pre-bc and no one would probably take the time to get the mats to craft this, but I guess we’ll see if it sells. After the live run I did a few eye of the storm battle grounds then decide to go to bed. Overall a rather unexciting night, but maybe I’ll make some gold off the pattern. Tonight should be more eventful as it’s hopefully a Kara night.
Repair bill for the Night: 15 gold

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