Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rag Ripoff Dropped Again

Tuesday: 08/21/07 **Totally ripped off Krawls blog for my title just to be an ass** Not having much to do on Tuesday night I decided I need to do Shadow Labs for 2 reasons. First reason this run would get me revered status, which happened, cool. Secondly I want the shield off the first boss, which didn’t happen, /stabmyeyesoutomg. Seriously that damn shield will not drop for me….ever. I am basically revered through a strait rep grind of SL, I did very few lower city quests and passed up all other Auch Instances(I have never ran them with this char except seth halls 1x to get my SL key). I have killed that first boss in there at least 15x, im convinced that a shield does not drop off him, Atlas loots is wrong and everyone else is on crack. I went in there with my buddy Krawl(70 mage) and his wife Jenet(70 dps warrior) and we picked up a pug Pally healer( Hellscream? Cant remember) and a horrible, crappy, /ignore, no idea what aggro is, terrible 70 lock (wish I could remember his name but I think I blocked it out). My first thought when I zoned in with everyone was… god, im surrounded by gnomes, 1 guy was a dwarf but that’s just a fat gnome really. Krawl doing the “/train” command wasn’t helping. I think I have real issues with Gnomes, they are right up there with how freaky clowns are. Anyway…The run started off fine, our dps did great, pally was good, but the lock sucked my balls. He wouldn’t follow a kill order, dotted everything he saw (this includes his own CC’d mob and the sheeped mob), Either he was purposely trying to make a tanking nightmare for me, or he was the worst player ever. Im glad he only stayed till after the first boss, then he had to log. After he left our pally had a hunter friend who came and finished the run with us. We did finish the instance but had a few hiccups and wipes but no biggy. Jenet got some nice dps pants (ones I paid for in the AH ><), and the rest of the loot was greeded I believe. Overall it was an alright run after the horrible lock left(It figures the lock was a Gnome). Repair bill: 27 gold


Krawl said...

Abbyy was the locks name...and /ignore is right! Thanks for the run, man!

Gnomes rule, Night elves drewl!

Raydz said...

"Gnomes rule, Night elves drewl!"