Friday, August 24, 2007

Spend 120g Just to make gold?

Thursday 08/23/07: *This is a pissy post* Last night I wanted to make some cash so I can afford some nice enchants for the weapons I had gotten the previous night. Right now im sitting on about 150 gold. (I still owe Krawl 100g, I haven’t forgotten about you) I want to put a "Mongoose" enchant on my tanking weapon and “Savagery” on the DPS axe I got. Roughly these enchants will cost me about 300-350 gold a piece. I log on and the guild isn’t running anything so I set out to do some quests for cash(as Prot Spec). I really hate the idea of having to spend 60 gold on a respect to fury just so I can quest. If I repec to fury sure I can kill things much much faster but then I have to complete 3-4 quests just to make up the money for the respec in the first place. Then I have to make enough to respec back to prot so I can tank effectively in raids, so that’s another 2-3 quests. If I keep switching back and forth every week that’s 7-8 quests I have to do just to make up the difference of the respecs. I decided not to respec and see how the night goes. Prot spec means I do absolutely no damage, I mean it’s embarrassing. Here is a screen shot of the damage I do verse a level 66 mob duel wielding the two new weapons I had gotten. Even my executes are pathetic, at level 60 with an arms build I was getting executes between 4-6k regularly in MC. How did last night go for me? I completed 3 quests, which took all night because it takes forever for me to kill one mob. I run into trouble when I get a pat on me, since im prot I hardly take any damage but since I can’t hardly kill anything they get to hit on me forever. Am I not paying attention and that’s why im getting multiple mobs on me? No im constantly trying to keep away from multiple mobs, the problem is im there so long I get respawns! I died a few times causing myself a 22gold repair bill. Turning in the 3 completed quests plus vendoring the junk earned me about 40 gold for the night. Questing for a few hours for 18 gold = not worth it. I guess this weekend ill try the respec route, at least that way I can enjoy some BG’s and Arena’s before I have to go back to prot. Repair bill for the night: 22 gold

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