Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I made love to my new helm

Friday:08/31/07 *Posts from today are a little rushed because my job is sucking balls lately* Friday was a Kara night. We picked up from our Curator run a few days earlier and polished off Shade, Netherspite, Chess, Prince, Illhoof and Beast Boss. All went nice and smooth; these guys definitely have their Kara bosses locked down. I was happy to take my tier 4 helm off the raid leader’s hands. Spent 200 gold on the Gems + Head enchant, but it’s well worth it. After killing prince we went to Illhoof, which I have never done so I was pretty pumped for that. Our main tank logged onto an Alt to bring to Kara so I was to main tank him. Turns out I have the easiest job on this fight and it was just a hold agro job for me. Illhoof went down but dropped no loot for warriors. To me he is a tossup with prince for hardest Kara boss. After Illhoof went down we decided to go kill the beast boss, which also I have never done. Apparently you have to clear all the animal rooms, easy enough, but then you have to leave the rooms and wait on several mobs to respawn again (Wtf that’s so lame, who the hell designed this). Only after clearing the respawned mobs will the boss pop. We got the spider boss and I think he was killed in about 30 seconds flat. The beast boss = cake. He ended up dropping shaman gear, which we had no shaman to use it so it went wasted, bummer. On the PvP front I did a lot of AV this weekend (See my previous post) and was able to get enough points to get my epic pvp boots. I slapped a +12 stamina enchant on them, even though it took me forever to find someone to do it. Next im going to work on some good pvp rings. Im hesitant about using honor points to buy armor because im not sure when the Gladiator season 1 gear will be available to be bought with honor points. As far as I know they are not making any new rings/trinkets/amulets available so that’s what’s going to grab my current honor points for now. Sunday I farmed my ass off and was able to get the mats/money to outfit my Kings Defender with a mongoose enchant. Total it ran me about 400 gold + 20g tip to the guy who gave it to me. Ouch that was expensive, but now my sword has sporadic lighting bursts and the chance to proc +120 agility. It was worth it. Here is our MT for kara(To my left, look close), ya i was expecting someone taller too. Kara Repair Bill: 4 gold Farming Repair Bill: 12 gold


Bacon said...

Illhoof is easy for the tank since he never gets sacrificed. I think I'm done with Kara for awhile until we get 2 groups going.

Raydz said...

Yeah i definently have the cake job on illhoof.