Monday, September 17, 2007

Mortal Strike = Not 2 Shabby.

Wow my arena team had a good week, first time ever with alliance I got to experience a winning record. Since I got a nice 2 handed sword previously in the week I went with an arms spec instead of the fury spec I had previously been going. I also tossed a +20str enchant on the sword which not only helps with damage but gives a nice green glow to my weapon. I really enjoy mortal strike, bonus damage to 2 handed weapon, and more powerful executes. I really missed strong executes with a fury build, this week 3-4k executes were common with a few 5k hits sprinkled in.
Last week on my 3v3 team we had a 2-8 record, when those games were over I went up to my room, turned the lights off, sucked my thumb, and cried myself to sleep. This week after the first 3 games we had already won more than last week (3 wins, 0 losses for those of you with inferior math skills)! After we went 5-0 I was pretty sure someone on my team had figured out how to hack wow because we never used to win. We ended the night with a 9-2 record, which made so happy that when we were done I went up to my room, turned the lights off, and sucked my thumb till I feel asleep, NO TEARS yay! Granted the teams we were playing were all ranked around 1300 like us so I can’t brag on the wins but hopefully this week is just the start of many more wins to come. Also this week we formed up a 5v5 team so we can get as many arena points as possible. It looks like the Jackson Five are coming out on a reunion tour. I’ll let you know how that goes next week.
I did a lot of AB over the weekend, which ended up in way more losses than wins but that was to be expected. I did however have so many extra marks that I bought 10 healing potions and an extra mount just for fun. Although I can’t decide which is cooler, white tiger or black horse?
Repair Bill: Only 6 gold all weekend

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