Wednesday, September 12, 2007

May we interest you in another purple Mr.LootWhore?

Tuesday: 09/11/07 Last night was a Kara night, which overall for the group it didn’t go well. For me I got 3 items from 4 bosses so it was a great night, let the epics rain down on me! Im hoping one day I can swim through all my epics like Scrooge McDuck swam through his gold. We took some new people into Kara with us last night which made the run go a little bit slower since all the boss fights had to be explained and there were several wipes on bosses and trash alike. The slowness of the run isn’t totally placed on the new people though. Our old main tank has decided to play his rogue or lock now in Kara so I filled in the MT role last night, being I am not as geared out as he is our healers had to stop and drink more often. It was nice to be back in the main tank saddle, I kinda missed it since the last time I was a “Real” main tank for a raid was Black Wing Layer.
As far as the loot I whored I got a 2 handed sword from opera event which I was really hoping to get so I could apply that to a mortal strike spec in arena’s I think Im going to slap a savagery enchant on it for the +70 attack power. I’ll probably use this sword until I can get Gorehowl to drop for me off of Prince. I also snatched up (lol snatch) a dps cloak which I will also use in arenas this weekend. Obviously I want to replace all my gear with PvP gear obtained through arenas and BG’s but until I have the time to farm honor for those pieces im hoping this Kara gear will help pull off a few wins.
My last piece of gear was a tanking belt I got off Moroes. It’s a nice piece and was a huge upgrade over my previous belt. I was still using the Wrath belt from BWL, which everyone got a good laugh from it when they found out I was still using a level 60 item. It was my last piece of gear that I think I kept hanging onto because pre-BC that stuff took a lot of effort to get a hold of. When the next expansion comes out I’ll probably be level 80 with some level 70 item still on because I won’t have the heart to discard a hard earned purple item for some green quest item with better stats.
As far as the repair bill, it was pretty high from all the wipes. Hopefully we mesh better on Thursday night when we go in to kill Nightbane, Curator, Prince, Chess, Shade, Illhoof(not in that order). Repair bill: 27 gold

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