Monday, September 10, 2007

Lame week for me

I keep waiting for something exciting to happen to me worthy of writing a blog post. Still hasn’t happened yet but it’s been almost a week since I posted last so I guess ill whip up something. Last Wednesday group 1 jumped into Kara and downed Attumen, Moroes, and Maiden with no wipes but also no warrior drops. After Maiden several people had to log so the raid was called and it was picked back up on Saturday. I was down at the Lake on Saturday so obviously I couldn’t go. I hear they did chess, shade, Nightbane, and Curator. The damn pants I wanted dropped off curator but since I was gone I obviously didn’t get them and they were DE’d. It sucks I missed out on the pants upgrade and it sucks for all the broken hearts my sexy body left back at the lake, I hope those women find a way to move on. Tonight (Monday) im hoping I can get a spot in group 1 and get in on the Netherspite, Prince, and Illhoof action. I’d really like to get the shoulders from Netherspite and Gorehowl from Prince(for MS pvp). On the PvP front as always I tore it up on my horde hunter in arena’s. Me and Dirtyoldman(shadow priest) did some 2v2 and went 7-3. That was a lot of fun, but then it also makes for a lot of anger when I get on with Raydz and try to do 3v3 with Dirty(Druid) and Dirtyoldman(Prot/Holy Pally) and we go 2-8. I fully believe that after those 10 games I could have looked in the mirror and my skin would have been tinged green. I was very close to busting out into an incredible hulk moment and smashing my desk to pieces. As im in the middle of this awesome losing streak Krawl informs me that his 3v3 team went 9-5, it’s a shame that his boasting came at such an unfortunate time which will result in his death. Im thinking of throwing him into a pit with flesh eating beetles(picture something like the bugs in the Mummy movies), you’re welcome Jenet (Krawls wife). I do have to admit I am much better with my hunter in pvp than I am with my warrior. Why am I better with my hunter? Im not sure im putting part of the blame on the spec I keep using with my warrior for pvp(fury). Im using fury because I cannot get a hold of a good 2 hander for a MS spec. I hope once I get a nice 2 hander and I go Arms then the arena’s will start looking up for me on my warrior. I hope that tonight I get lucky and something drops that I can use with my warrior or it will be the first week I have gone since the new guild in which I havn’t gotten an epic item, and that will make me sad in my pants. Repair Bill - Kara Wednesday - 5 gold Repair Bill - Arena and free time pvp - 7 gold

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