Monday, February 25, 2008

I must punish a previous guildie.

My last post I had commented that I was excited to be going into SSC for 3 boss kills and LEO attempts. I ended up missing the raid because my kid was sick. She has some ear infections that just won’t go away. Tomorrow she has surgery to put the tubes in to hopefully fix the infections. I don’t like the idea of my kid getting surgery of any kind, but on the other hand I’m also looking forward to it because she needs something to make her feel better. Really sucks when your kid is sick and you can’t do anything to make them feel better.

Saturday I logged on to raid and found out that on Friday the guild had done Void Reaver, Hydross, and Lurker. The T5 shoulders didn’t drop for warriors, nor did the tanking mace drop off lurker, so even though I missed out on the DKP I wasn’t too bummed since I didn’t miss out on any loot.

Our Saturday raid’s goal was to kill Tidewalker and go for LEO attempts (I remembered my Tidewalker screen shot this time). During the raid I was chit chatting with one of my buddies from my previous server/guild SO when one of the trash to Tidewalker dropped a trinket which I have been wanting for a while now I DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE IT BECAUSE I HAD MY PARTY WINDOW CLOSED FOR MY WHISPER WINDOW. I heard on vent “Bidding Closed” so I flipped over to the party screen and saw I had totally missed out on my chance to get the trinket. Missed Trinket! Son of a B#T@H! I am sorry my friend from Altar of Storms but I have hired a hit man to find you, give you a vasectomy and then make you go jogging immediately after. I think you’re getting off with a light punishment but I took into account our friendship. Obviously the real fault is my own for not paying attention to the dropped loot…..but I must vent my rage on someone.

We killed Tidewalker and he dropped a tanking ring which is an upgrade for me, but I was competing against two other tanks. It’s not a huge enough upgrade that I wanted to spend all my DKP but I tossed out a couple of bids but these guys wanted it really bad so I let them have it. I’m pretty stingy when it comes to my DKP I always have been. While doing this pretty much guarantees I get any tank loot that I REALLY want if it were to drop, it also is a huge risk because if the guild was to break up I am left with nothing. I’m still aiming for the Lurker tanking mace, Gruul shield, or T5 shoulders but if my DKP starts getting to high I’m going to force myself to spend it on pieces that are upgrades but just not as fun as the ones I really want.

After our Tidewalker kill several people said they had to log for one reason or another so it pretty much killed the raid. That sucked I really wanted to see a LEO kill. I think we ran into the same old problem of people not wanting to put forth the effort to learn progression kills, they just want in on the farmed bosses. That annoyed me.

Tonight I’m not sure what I’ll be doing since there is no 25 man scheduled I might do some more arena games for the fun of it, or maybe see if I can get in a ZA group.
Later today or tomorrow I’m going to write up another post about my arena teams this weekend and all the people I have to find in RL and kill.

*I just noticed there is someone standing right under my character so it looks like i have a different name, but its obviously me, i dont think ingame your own name is shown above your head*

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