Thursday, February 14, 2008

SSC for Raydz, New Loot for Hoss

Tuesday was a SSC night and I was happy to see I was invited right off the bat, as you know in such a large guild I’m constantly fighting for a position in the 25 man raids. Good thing I’m the sexiest tank ever or I might not ever get a spot.

The raid went really smooth over all. We did wipe on Hydross twice because a certain lock wouldn’t stop dps’ing. Later it was found out that he wasn’t on vent, and it wasn’t even the correct guy playing the lock. When he finally got on vent he said “Oh sorry that was my room- mate playing while I went and took a crap”. This dudes room-mate didn’t know the fight or how to really even play a lock and therefore caused two wipes. What I enjoyed was seeing the GM’s mod go to work and displaying that this particular warlock got a 30dkp deduction for being an idiot. I cant say enough how I love the way he runs a raid. If your gonna be an idiot it’s gonna cost you dkp.

I stuck around for Hydross and Lurker but then I had to log out, I’v been having some long days at work and couldn’t afford to stay up any longer. The guild went onto Tidewalker but I’m not sure how they did, sinc e I didn’t play last night. The Lurker kill dropped the mallet tanking weapon but I didnt have enough dkp to purchase it. The good news though is that almost all the tanks have it so the next time it drops it will probably go to me. Tonight is an “off” night for the guild except for Kara & ZA but I wont be on tonight either because of V-day.
I remembered to take a pic of myself at lurker this week =)

I have been spending more and more time messing around with my Hunter lately. While on him I spend a good potion of my time pvping. Tuesday I went and picked up his S3 helmet and a pair of S1 gloves for the resil bonus. His resil still sucks at 120 but with how easy it is to farm honor as a horde hunter I could have him geared out in pvp gear pretty quickly if I really tried. Doing that though means cutting back time with Raydz and im not willing to do that yet I don’t think. I will admit though that pvping has been more fun lately than raiding with Raydz. This weekend is AV weekend, If I can get into another pre-made group I could easily farm enough for two more pieces of S1, im looking forward to that.


Bandarno said...

We've 1 shotted Hydross several weeks in a row now. ~_^

Raydz said...

Are those on nights you arnt able to play? =P