Friday, February 22, 2008

St.Louis has a major Ice storm.

Wed night: Sleet, Sleet, Ice, Snow, Ice
Thursday Morning: Working from home in my boxers (that’s me half naked for all you ladies…ya.. your welcome) sipping some hot chocolate.
Friday Morning: Working from home in my boxers , sipping some hot chocolate. My week ended pretty good =)

Tuesday night our SSC raid was called because of lack of healers online. This was followed by our GM going apesh*t and as he said “I’m cleaning house”. He was extremely mad about having a raid cancelled and kicked over 50 accounts out of the guild for either inactivity or “I don’t know you”. He said if ever one more raid is cancelled he is going to open up recruitment after kicking out a bunch more people. I thought the whole rant was pretty comical but a lot of people were like “omg we have never seen him so mad”. I probably shouldn’t have been laughing on vent every time someone was kicked out of the guild.

Wednesday night there was enough people online so we did our scheduled HKM,Gruul, Mag run. As it stands with my DKP now I have a good shot of getting pretty much any item that I want next so I was hoping for a shield drop. That turned out to not happen, but I did win the bid for my T4 chest piece.

One of the other warriors who has been in the guild way longer than me was trying for this piece as well, so I ended up passing to him because I felt bad. If I was trying for a piece of loot and one of the new guys beat me out on an item it would probably irritate me pretty bad. This just solidifies my position with DKP even more so now I can hopefully be picking up some tier 5 or the mallet instead of a new t4 piece. I’m not sure if I will eventually spend the dkp on the chest piece or not because of the new badge rewards being better.

Tonight we head into SSC for Hydross, Lurker, Tidewalker, and then Leo attempts, hopefully I can snag a piece of T5 loot.

I havn’t had much to write about this week since all I have really done is HKM,Gruul, and Mag. I spent Thursday night with the family so I didn’t log on, which means I missed my Kara night so hopefully I’ll be able to get in a group Sunday instead. I really need to get on top of farming badges. A different team cleared ZA this week which I thought was really cool. I have been trying to get my own ZA group up and going so hopefully I will have a chance to get in there this weekend.


Bacon said...

Come back to AOS and run ZA with me. I have almost the whole group ready. Just need a MT.

Raydz said...

Im still on a 2 month transfer Cool down =/