Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Server - New Arena Teams - Same ole ass kickins

Sunday morning we decided to get our arena games in for the week. Since my RL friends I transferred with are broke ass’s I bought the Arena teams (Good thing I got a JC pattern earlier in the week). Several hundred gold later me, dirty, and dirtyoldman were ready to get our ass’s beat in some 3v3 games. We were trying to do things a little different this week and going with a 2 healer approach. I had learned from a different resto druid(badass in pvp) friend of mine that the 2 healer approach is one of the stronger combo’s found in 3v3 matches now. We gave this new team makup a shot, first 3 games we were getting beat, but I could see improvement after each game. My strategy changed very little; mortal strike, dps, pummel heals/spells,call out for pally stun if needed on a healer, execute. As Dirty got used to running/healing/cyclone/roots we then started winning. We won 4 straight and things started looking up until we ran into a hunter/lock/disc priest combo. We played this team 3 times and lost every one. No matter which way we attacked this team I couldn’t kill them before they fully had dirty and dirtyoldman drained of mana which meant GG for us. We ended our 10 games totally frustrated and dirtyoldman pretty much went a little crazy and said he is never playing his pally again. Sure enough the rest of that day and Monday he played his 70 horde shadow priest and hasn’t been back to the pally. He was one of the guys who wanted me to transfer, if he doesn’t play his paladin anymore I may kill him and offer up his soul to blizzard so they can transfer me back. Even though we went 4-6 I can see that this strat may actually work well for us once the kinks get ironed out. I guess we’ll have to see.

I formed a 2v2 with dirty (resto druid) and we only had time for 2 games before the super bowl. We went 1-1. The first loss was my fault as I totally put myself out of LOS and died before he could get the heal off, lesson learned. I hear that a resto druid/arms warrior is one of the best 2v2 combo’s there is, hopefully this will lead to at least a 1600+ team. I’m desperate for a team in the 1600’s I feel like I have put enough work into my PVP set that I should be getting at least close to the 1600’s. I guess we’ll see how the 2v2 works out down the road. Speaking of putting in work on my pvp set I have done a lot of research on warrior pvp items, many of the high ranking warriors use the bloodlust broach instead of the “last stand” type of trinket you can buy. This makes sense to me since warriors are one of the last guys to be targeted in arena’s because of our durability. I decided to purchase it with my badges. I have noticed that popping the trinket on a target when they are below 40% life really helps killing them by adding to the burst damage.

We also formed up a 5v5 team, which has me really excited. I can’t remember the last time I was able to get enough people on for 10 5v5 matches. We went 5-6 for the day leaving us with a 1494 rating. On one of our matches the hunter lagged out and couldn’t join the match which left us 4 vs 5. We actually almost won 4v5 so had he not lagged out we would have ended the night at 6-5, but oh well.
We are set up as follows.
Arms Warrior – The amazing Raydz
Disc Priest – I have never been lucky enough to get a disc priest, I love having them on my team. The mass dispel of mage ice block and pally bubbles is so amazing.
Elemental Sham – Also never been lucky enough to get a shaman in an arena team. They are a little bit squishy and usually the first target but between the resto druid and disc priest they keep him up long enough for him to dish out awesome amounts of damage + lots of purges.
Resto Druid – Dirty, does a good job as resto. I hope he stays that way instead of wanting to pvp in feral.
Marks Hunter – He did a good job but was laggy, so I think next week when his connection is hopefully better it helps the team as a whole and we can burn down the other teams a little faster.
5v5 games are where the most arena points are at, so hopefully I can keep all these guys committed to doing these at least once a week . I think the team build we have will work, it might not be the best setup but I think it’s good enough to get us moving up the ranking ladder instead of down.

I find myself pvping more on my new server than I did on AOS, I think mostly because I still really don’t know anyone to ask for ZA attempts. I do know that I had more fun doing the arena’s this week than I had getting my 2 new boss kills(lurker and tidewalker), I don’t know if that really means anything or not but if I’m having more fun pvping I might try to explore that route more. I’m almost up to 15k honor points again which means I get to purchase a new pvp ring, and I should have enough arena points now to buy my vengeful gladiator gauntlets which will be some nice boosts to my resil.

Tonight is a Gruuls + Mag run, I still don’t have enough dkp to actually win anything unless an item goes to rolls, but hopefully I get an invite anyways so I can earn some more points and meet some new people.

Btw I wish fury was a viable pvp build, Raydz look pretty badass Dual wielding.

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