Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Arena Teams

Saturday morning my arena 3v3 with my RL friends went something like this after each loss. (we went 3 – 7 btw)
Friend 1 “Why didn’t you do ..blah blah”
Friend 2 “F*ck you, It’s because you didn’t ….blah blah”
Me *sigh*
Friend 1 “Well if you would just f*cking heal”
Friend 2 “I hate this class, im never playing him again especially with you guys”
Me “F*ck it that’s fine, im quitting the team im sick of this sh*t”

You would think that 3 guys who are all RL friends would get along during arena’s but we argue more over arena’s that we have argued over anything else. I guess since we are such good friends in RL its easier to yell at each other, tell them how bad they suck, and threaten to leave the team. One of my favorite activities in WoW is arena’s. I love to do them and look forward to them every week. At least I used to. The in game fighting between my friends just eventually wore me out. I want to get back to the point of enjoying arena’s without listening to constant bickering during queue times.

Therefore I quit the arena teams I had with my RL friends, we can all do our own thing and won’t have to fight with each other right? WRONG, apparently me leaving makes my pally RL friend go psycho (this is what I hear from my druid RL friend). Even though the pally said he is never playing that char anymore, hates doing arenas, and only wants to play with “Good” people. Apparently I’m the big a-hole for leaving but whatever I guess, I formed up a new 3v3 team with the hope of playing more than 10 games a week and having a little fun even if we lose a ton of games.

I asked around on my guild and found a SL/SL lock 400 resil to join but then we ran into a hard spot finding a healer with resilience. We eventually decided on a shaman in our guild, who has awesome healing gear but less than 100 resil. The shaman is played by some lady over in England, id let her on my 3v3 because of her accent alone, it’s pretty hot. Sunday night we played 30 games going 15-15. One game I played against a disc priest capnmorgan (I wonder if this was one of my friends from my previous server). If this was my friend from a previous server then good fight man it was close. If this is was not him and just some random guy then, HA! Stomped your ass.

I wrote down most of the combo’s we played against and by far our biggest weakness was playing teams with hunters. They tore our shammy up even with me taunting the pet off her. Until she gets more resil i think we'll be hovering in the 15's for a while because they just burn her down way to fast.

I still enjoyed playing so many games this week even though we didn’t really make any ground. It was good practice and the shammy says she is going to work on her resil, so that will be pretty nice if she can bump it up to 200+ resil.

My 2v2 was rather uneventfull, we only played 10 games which was a bummer but at least we made a little bit of headway toward the 1600’s.

Last night (Tuesday)
We did a clear of HKM, GRUUL, and MAG.
Nothing really exciting to say except that I did spend some DKP and picked up my chest piece. I got it for 200 dkp cheaper than I was bidding last week so that worked out nice. I still need to toss the +150 health on it but it is an upgrade that I think was “sorta” worth it and I do get the 4 piece bonus now.

Tonight I think we are headed into SSC, per group make up though we may be heading into TK instead. Either way my DKP Is still holding strong so hopefully I can pick up another upgrade.
BTW: What happens when you get the shatter stone form and then gruul dies? You sit there for 30 seconds able to do nothing, and yes im standing next to a healer on accident. Im sure it was his fault though not mine =)

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Honors Code said...

What would have really stunk if is the Shatter had killed everyone after Gruul was dead.

Good luck with your new teams. I'm doing a 2s team with my iRL friend Mage. So if you happen to see us, go easy on us, we stink.