Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Crap night turns Golden -- Winterchill Down!

Winterchill down!

Hyjal was easy - Hydross pwnt us - wtf

Last night started out even more rocky than normal, I almost immediately logged off.
Raid started an hour late.
Druid tank was having a hard time on tanking his mobs so people started ragging on him, causing him to quit the raid and guild.
Hunter pulled frost phase aggro on Hydross, not sure if it was hunter or tank tps = 2 wipes (I’m nature tank so I’m not to blame!). **Edited 4/12/08 -**
Tanks had a hard time keeping adds in line = 2 wipes
Every wipe people are blaming each other, pointing fingers, hunter catches tons of hate and leaves the raid.
Several people are replaced.
Pull five we finally kill him, small amount of dkp awarded because we sucked so much ass. GM calls people out on how much they are sucking and embarrassing themselves, straighten up your act or leave. Plate DPS shoulders drop. A chance to spend some dkp! I toss up an opening bid of 10 dkp (10 dkp out of 2000dkp so it was a next to nothing bid) to see whom im up against. No matter how much I want to spend my dkp im not going to take an item from a fury warrior who could really use the upgrade. 30 seconds pass by, all other warriors have the item so I win. I still made dkp off the boss kill, my goal is to run it down before I transfer/guild implodes, even with that loot my dkp is still going up.

Pulls to lurker go good, lurker is one shot (thank god), mallet drops! Nice tanking upgrade for me over kings defender.
/ready to spend 1000+ dkp (in the past this item has not gone cheaper than 800)
/bid opens
/Raydz bids 100
/Raydz wins
/jaw drops

DPS plate bracers also on Lurker.
/Raydz bids 10
/Raydz wins

My plan to blow out dkp this week so far is not going well. I ended up coming out of the instance with more dkp than I had and I got 3 pieces of loot. Dkp sitting somewhere around 2200 now.

The dps pieces are nice, ill use them for grinding. I have mixed feelings about the mallet, I am totally happy about the mallet stats most especially the expertise rating. I’m not very excited though that the graphic looks like a nautilus with a broom stick shoved up his ass. Yeah I get the “lurker” is a water boss but seriously, the graphic is just stupid.

+ =

After lurker we stood around for fifteen minutes deciding what to do. Some people wanted to finish up farm bosses, some wanted to do Hyjal, some wanted to go to Vashj. I was up for Vashj or Hyjal even though my confidence in the group wasn’t at an all time high I still wanted to do something new. It was decided lets go play in Hyjal, so many people are just burnt on SSC they wanted a night of something different.

Everyone catches a port to Shatt, takes the free port to caverns of time (love that port now) and a few minutes later were going over the strat for Rage Winterchill. The real key to this fight is getting through the 8 waves of undead. My main job was to pick up the necromancers and keep them from shooting healers/pally tank. Me, a healer, and too mages are assigned to necro duty. The last several phases I found myself tanking two necro’s , spell reflecting and bashing when possible, and keeping an eye on the other two sheeped necro’s incase they should pop early.

The whole plan went off smooth as butter. 8 waves down, everyone alive, tons of npc’s still running around ready to help kill Winterchill. Smooth as butter until Winterchill shows up that is, and one shots a shadow priest, kills our tank in two hits, pops around the raid killing several of our dps (not sure where our healers were). I’m bashing away at the boss trying to get aggro when he finally turns to me and I start tanking him (Hunter MD’s really saved the raid at this point). Even though a druid and I have established aggro at this point I see about half the raid dead and realize there is just no way we can do this. That is until the npcs and Jaina all join in. Winterchill’s life starts falling at a rate that everyone redoubled their efforts. During the fight you have to constantly be aware to get out of the death and decay (red bubbling stuff on the ground), but other than that this boss turned out to be cake. Last night we one shot Rage Winterchill.

Rage INC!

Tanking Rage

Rage Down!

The same group that got owned by Hydross four times earlier in the night turned around and did an awesome job on a boss encounter none of us have ever done before. What turned out to be a hellacious night turned into a great progression raid night. Nothing dropped off trash or Rage that I could use but it was still well worth it to be there for the kill.

I think tonight were going to try to finish up our SSC run and turn our sights onto Vashj, hopefully we stay away from the retarded ass wipes and lean more toward the smooth as butter play style. In regards to my previous post of loot thirst, it looks like I have been given a glass, but everyone here knows that im a loot whore so what im really looking for is a keg =P


Anonymous said...

Drink it up!!!!
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Light Of The Sun said...

hey, i like your blog
check mine out at
and good luck on getting rid of that thirst, i am a recent 70 who has never raided and i am thristing somethign great

Bastiaan said...

Woot! Nice job!

Also happy to hear you got a glass of loot water :-)

Hope the attempts on Vashj will work out!

Raydz said...

Thanks for the comments =)

@light of the sun - i posted on your blog a suggestion about your gear.

@bastiaan - I hope vashj works out also! =)

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