Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tanking Weapon Toss-Up

Monday night I found myself spamming general chat looking for a healer to do some 2v2with since all my teams seemed to be inactive this week. A pally healer friend of mine helped me out and I was able to get my 10 games in for the week. We went 4-6 which isn’t bad for never PVPing together before. I did respec as always but now I’m thinking with season 4 around the corner I might just go in as prot to get the points until the next season comes around. This would really help me save up some money for once. I have been really broke lately and having a little bit of extra coin couldn’t hurt.

After doing my arena games I jumped into a ZA raid to finish off the last two bosses. Hex lord was one shot (which was really nice) and I think we got the last boss in 3 attempts. He dropped the tanking axe which I was lucky enough to pick up. The axe comes with a gem slot, 20 parry, and 12 hit rating compared to the mallet having 3 more stam, 16 defense, and 14 expertise. I’m still back and forth on which I find to be better the axe or the mace (I like the expertise on the mace but I really dig the parry on the axe + the gem slot). I think maybe what decides overall is that the axe graphic looks tight and the mace looks like sh*t on a stick.

I have to raise the gold for another mongoose enchant (just spent like 400-500 gold on the mace and now It’s going to be a situational weapon..grrr) but here is the axe stats.

Last night I had planned to miss the raid because it was my nieces b-day party but instead I found myself at home with a sick baby. I took my kid to the doctor and somehow she picked up tonsillitis and has been running a consistent temp of around 102 =/. I’m hoping her fever breaks today and she can finally get a good night of sleep. Having a sick kid is not fun and really pulls at the old heart strings.

Last night while I was getting barfed on the guild was in Hyjal where they killed boss#2! Grats guys, hopefully I’ll get to see this guy next week.


Honors Code said...

If you find yourself back on AoS at somepoint I know a Paladin who you could do 2s with.....

Honors Code said...

You want the Mace for Boss tanking.

Raydz said...

Yeah i think that the clever will be for trash and ill toss on the mace for bosses.