Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Vashj Down!

The big Vajayjay is down!

Friday night the guild zoned into SSC with the only goal being to kill lady Vashj, the remaining bosses would be placed on the back burner for now. Normally I hate when farmed bosses are left alive while trying to progress on a new kill because there is always someone who needs an item from a certain boss and 2 of the 3 left alive dropped tier 5 tokens. In this case though it needed to be done, lately when all the bosses but vashj were down most people would log instead of try vashj attempts, which meant we were not getting any hard core attempts at her. Friday night we spent about 3-4 hours learning the fight, I think our best attempt was around 23%, but it got too late and several people had to log. The raid was called and it was posted we would try again on Saturday. I felt that 23% on our second night ever of attempts on her was great. This boss is known to be a brick wall for most guilds and many cannot get past her even after months of trying.

Saturday night we had basically the same group of people ready to give her another shot. I was really happy to see it was almost the same people that way no one would really have to “learn” the fight and we could start getting in solid attempts right off the bat. I think it was on our third or fourth attempt that we got her down.

That was an awesome feeling to finally see her die. I think there were a few key actions that really made the difference between the wipes and the boss kill.

1. The guild communication over vent was excellent. People calling out which area the nagas and striders were spawning. This made it possible for our tanks and kiters to pick up the adds before they killed anyone (My job during the vashj fight was to tank the naga's). We also had great communication on the tainted elementals which allowed the “tainted core” people to adjust positioning fairly quickly so the core could be passed around effectively.
2. We had such strong dps individuals that three of the four “ramps/stairs” to vashj were able to be soloed instead of requiring 2 dps each. This freed up three extra dps to be up top to kill down the nagas and striders before they stacked up. *On previous wipes the adds piling up seemed to be our largest problem, 2 seems to be the safe limit on nagas for me to tank, when i get 3 it really puts alot of stress on the healers and i usually end up dying.*
3. On phase three we had the hunters shoot down the sporebats flying over vashj. This seemed to make a really big difference. With the sporebats dead they weren’t dropping the poison all over the raid floor which allowed the tank to move vashj around much easier and leaving the raid much more room to be safe.

Vashj dropped 1 defender (that went to the MT, I think I have enough dkp to beat out the other tanks for the next one to drop), 2 champion (if I’m remembering correctly), and a dps leather belt.
*Side note: why does Vashj’s snake hair keep moving even after she is dead? If they are still alive you should be able to kill them for extra loot imo*

I feel that Vashj is one of the BC milestones and I can now scratch her off my list of things to beat. That’s an awesome accomplishment and what makes it even better is that it was a guild first, I wasn’t just “ran” through the kill with a guild that has been farming her for weeks.

Sunday night we went back into SSC to clear out the remaining bosses. After the Fathom-Lord kill I looted my badges and noticed he dropped the tanking necklace which was a nice upgrade for me.

The main tank has the most dkp of anyone so he pretty much can have any item he wants but he passed on it in preference to his badge necklace. Before bidding can start the server crashes……that’s special. I’m pretty sure it’s because “karma” wanted to bite me in the ass since several of my posts lately have revolved around my need to spend dkp and get loot. maybe “Karma” is trying to teach me not to be so selfish. The instance server comes back about an hour later and FLK has despawned along with his loot.

The GM holds bidding on the items even though they have despawned so that he can submit a ticket and have the lost loot recovered and sent to the people who win the bids. The bidding starts and I find myself bidding against a feral druid, which i win the necklace for 400dkp. *I had what i found to be a humerous story posted earlier but i took it down so as to not offend anyone.* Since I won the necklace I’m hoping for it to show up in my mailbox any time now, as of Monday evening I still didn’t have it. If I don’t get it maybe that will teach me a lesson to not be such a loot whore, if I get home today and find it in my mailbox.. well then f&ck you “Karma” I got that shit anyways *flips the bird*


Anonymous said...

grats man!!!!!

Bastiaan said...

Very nice, grats! Any word on the necklace already?

Raydz said...

Yeah Logged on this morning to check my ingame mail and it was there. =)

Ty for asking