Monday, April 7, 2008

Dying from Loot Thirst

Picture a man crawling through the desert dying of thirst mumbling “water….water….” over and over to himself.

Now take that image, and picture Raydz (my warrior) crawling through serpent shrine mumbling “loot…loot….”. That’s how I have been feeling the last 2-3 weeks, I’m slowly dying from loot thirst.

Full clear of SSC/TK/ZA/Gruul/Mag…(besides kael and vashj)..ZERO tanking drops. My dkp keeps piling up with nothing to spend it on. I’m thinking about wadding it up and stuffing it down my pants to pick up the ladies, since that’s about all its good for at this point. I get the feeling that I need to bid high on everything tanking or even plate dps at this point just to insure I get it, since there is a lot of guild drama going on. I commented before having too much dkp is dangerous because a guild can fall apart at any point. I’m sitting on over 2k dkp at this point which compared to almost all the other raiders this is “a lot”, but I’m not hording it on purpose there is just no tanking loot falling. If something happens to make the guild break up before I spend my dkp I may be forced to kill a lot of people IRL and I don’t want to do that.

The ZA run this weekend didn’t help with several of the “frayed” raiders any. Last night we were planning on giving the 3rd timer chest a real hard core run. Our dps was massive, heals were spot on, and MT and the OT were doing fine. Even though It was suggested to do eagle first, then bear, then onto dragon everyone decided they should do bear then eagle to pick up the extra 5 mins first just in case anything went wrong. Clear up to bear, bears dead, 21 minutes on the clock to head to eagle. 21 minutes left means things are looking pretty good for a third chest attempt. We mount up, take off to eagle, start clearing up the ramp.

That’s when we notice we have no seed on the birds…
The lock is back at bear boss….

Everyone starts throwing out all these ideas to kick him from the party, kick him from the guild, who to replace him with, do we have enough time to replace him for the second chest, etc. Everyone talking on vent at once and not paying attention ends up on a ramp wipe.

The hunter in the raid goes psycho because he really wants the 2nd chest for the axe and gun, and this is the second time in a row the 2nd chest was messed up due to someone leaving after bear. I’m pretty sure he turned into the hulk at his computer. He was screaming on vent, and just generally losing his mind until he quit the raid and logged, I didn’t laugh out loud at the time, but I found the whole thing quite humorous. What made it even more funny is that when the lock returned he was like “Guys I am really sorry I went afk”…*and then gave the rest of the explanation which is what made it funny*. I understand when RL stuff comes up or even emergencies, so when someone goes afk like that most of the time it’s not their fault and nobody has any right to be mad at them. I was totally expecting the guy to say he had some type of RL problem he had to deal with immediately, and I would have been cool with that. Instead we get a “guys I am really sorry I went afk….but lord of the rings came on”. Now I don’t need anything off chest 1, chest 2, boss 1, boss2, or lynx BUT if I had needed chest 2 I would have been really really pissed, but since I didn’t I just laughed my ass off. I’m not sure If the GM is going to give this guy trouble for it, I guess something should be said because he ruined the chest for everyone else because he wanted to watch LOTR? I can’t wait to hear what the hunter has to say when he finds out why we missed chest 2.

I can’t wait for the reset on Tuesday, SSC has GOT to drop something for me this week. There is a lot of unrest going on in the guild and I want to dump these dkp points and make sure I snap up some loot before anything happens.


Bastiaan said...

You sound like the guild falling apart or not is something you can do nothing about; you're just hoping it doesn't happen before you've had a chance to spend your DKP.

First of all, you COULD try to influence what happens in your guild. Not saying it would definitely help, but it would increase the chance that your guild does not fall apart.

One thing to do this would be to discuss the ZA run with the GM or RL and see whether they can try to prevent people from AFK'ing to watch a movie. Another thing would be just to chat with people who seem to be pissed off (like that hunter in the ZA run). You'd be surprised how much happier people are once they've been able to vent.

Second point, about the loot thirst and your DKP: your guild just made you three epics that you didn't have to spend any DKP on. Of course your guild wanted you to have them, since it's very useful for them if you have that gear. But when you transfer or leave the guild or when the guild falls apart, no one is going to benefit from those pieces apart from you.

Raydz said...

Yeah i spent most of my day yesterday trying to patch holes keeping people happy, and as far as i know the GM kind of scolded the guy for the afk but didnt boot him or anything.

Spending my Dkp before the guild falls apart is exactly what i am concerned about. Raiding takes alot of time and money and i hope to be rewarded a few key items iv been chasing after before it happens.

It's funny you would mention the nature gear because i had this talk with another wow player just a day or 2 ago.
I realize the guild did build me 3 nature set pieces, but in my defense did contribute alot of mats to those. I just didnt mention it in my post because i wanted to elaborate on how much the other guys came together to come up with the mats. Which i have told those guys i do appreciate.
Everyone looks at the nature or frost set as an amazing gift that a guild gives a tank, but i dont really see it that way. I realize that they are expensive pieces, but they are also very situational.
Besides using them to tank a boss which i need no gear from 1x a week what else am i going to do with these pieces? I already had the trinket off hydross before i had this set. I dontated more mats to the set than anyone, for a set that i honestly dont even need, so while i do plan to reimburse as many mats as i can i dont feel an amazing strong obligation to NOT transfer because of this set since it was pushed onto me more than me seeking it out.

I wonder if all tanks see the resist sets like me or if i have a skewed thought process?

Bacon said...

It takes alot of resources to setup a toon with resist gear. IMO, the tank should at least provide the nethers for the gear. Since badges are dropped like hookers on nickel night, I see no problem in having the tank provide 10 - 20 badges for these nethers. You'll still have your DKP, so 10 or 20 badges are like 1-2 weeks of raiding for you.

Raydz said...

I dont have a problem with the tank helping to provide mats for the gear, because in the end the gear ends up binded to him. I dontated alot of mats for the set i was given and i didnt have a problem with it.

The part that i see as the problem is that everyone feels that the tank now "owes" the guild some huge debt, or that the tank was given this huge gift.

When in reality, the only time im going to use this gear is when im in a raid , on a boss we kill 1x a week for 10 minutes, whom i need no gear off of.

Wearing the nature set benefits the guild much much more than it does me.

Bacon said...

Well, I will agree with you that wearing the gear benefits the guild as much as it does you. That is until you spend your DKP and leave the guild.

Bastiaan said...

I didn't know you provided most of the mats for the nature resist gear yourself, and I also didn't know you already did talk to people to keep them happy. You're selling yourself short a little bit with your posts!

How thankful you should be for the resist set depends on the situation, I guess. If you needed some gear from Hydross, then obviously you should be thankful for having your guild give you the opportunity to obtain that gear.

If you can't use anything from Hydross but most other players in the guild can, the guild is allowing you to make a long-term investment: you help them to get gear, with which you can progress further. So it's more of a symbiotic thing: they help you help them to help you etc.

Of course, now you're thinking: "Well, what if there's no long term?" Because when I'm reading what you're writing, that's what it sounds like to me. Whether the guild will implode or not, it doesn't sound like you're having much fun. It DOES sound like you are seriously contemplating looking for another guild, possibly on another server.

Ironically, in that case, you should be thankful to your guild for providing that gear again: they've boosted your chances to become a tank for other guilds :-).

But seriously, I can imagine why you feel like you don't owe them too much for the gear, and they owe you gear for your DKP. They, on the other hand, will feel like you DO owe them for the gear. So you may not be able to leave with an untarnished name here, I'm afraid.

Raydz said...

"They, on the other hand, will feel like you DO owe them for the gear. So you may not be able to leave with an untarnished name here, I'm afraid."

Ya i totally agree with you there.
Even if i pay back the mats which i could not provide on those three pieces im sure there will still be some anger there. I guess we'll see though.

I figured it out and what i owe the guild is 16 primal lifes and 3 primal nethers for the pieces. Which is only a few hundred gold so at least i will have left by paying them in full.

Anonymous said...

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