Monday, April 21, 2008

T5 Helm Obtained

As a whole the guild didn’t do much as far as “raiding” goes this week. TK, Gruul, Mag all went untouched, but that was cool with me. Having a slower week every once in a while I think gives people a little bit of a needed break. We did clear SSC though and the big Vag died again. She dropped defender helm token x2 and I was lucky enough to pick one up. I also flew up to the new badge vendor this weekend, stood around for about an hour trying to work my way through all the lag and horde. Once I was able to finally get him targeted I picked up the badge belt which was a pretty nice upgrade for me.

I wasn’t able to gem my new items like I would have liked since the AH was bone dry, I guess from everyone buying their own badge upgrades, which is bull sh#t. People should realize I’m the most important person on my server and therefore should leave at least 2 of everything on the auction house should the chance arise I need something. Once I get a little bit of money I’ll go back and re-gem these so that they are utilized to their full potential.

It looks like the guilds next progression target is Kael. I personally would like to see myself moving forward in Hyjal or BT instead but I think that comes from the fact that I just don’t like TK. In fact I think I hate that instance, the trash sucks and makes the whole instance feel “slow” which leads to my ass getting tired. Compare that first hallway in TK (so much waiting on pats) to the first pull in Hyjal (waves of trash mobs on a timer) and that’s my argument for why TK sucks. However as far as bragging rights I think saying you were around for a progression Kael kill is > than a Hyjal boss 2 kill, so I guess eventually it needs to be done.

As far as my next upgrade I think I’m going to shoot for the T5 pants so I can get the four piece bonus, although I have heard it really doesn’t proc that much which will be a bummer. Besides getting two new pieces of loot I really don’t have much to write about, so I guess this post will have to be somewhat short.

Tonight I hope to wrap up ZA and I also have to get my arena games in. If you find yourself in an arena against me be nice and give me a free win. =)


Bastiaan said...

Grats on your helm!

Usually guilds start doing MH while working on Kael, as the reward/effort ratio for MH is much higher. Isn't your guild doing that, too?

By the way, seems to me that you're no longer dying from loot thirst :-)

Raydz said...

Yeah im having an awesome streak of luck now for loot =)