Tuesday, April 1, 2008

VR is harder now but still do-able.

Another week goes by, no big news. No new bosses down, many core raiders still out due to spring break wrapping up.
I am happy that even though we didn’t have the usual core group the backup guys brought their A game and we were able to still clear our farmed bosses in SSC/TK/Gruul/Mag (This means not Vashj and not Kael but everything else ). My dkp pool is bursting at the seams and of course nothing drops that I need besides a trash mob trinket.
I picked this trinket up for like 25 dkp (I’m pushing 2000) so it was really cheap and I’m pretty happy with it. I’ll gladly take the free HP.

Before zoning into SSC I was informed that the OT tank who used to “rank” above me has decided to quit wow. This means the guild lost their nature resist set so they whipped me up a full set in about 30 minutes by everyone cleaning out their banks. This puts me in a hell of a spot because I was bent on spending my earned DKP on 1-2 items in SSC, then transferring back to my previous server to hang out with my old friends/previous guild. The guild really pulled together to get me that set and if I bail now I’m going feel like a total jerk off. Hopefully when I spend my dkp and I’m ready to transfer back I’ll have enough mats in the bank I can pay most of the set back in other materials such as ore/primals and leave on a semi “okay” note. I still need to put the appropriate leg armor on the leg piece but here are the pieces as they are now.

We went into TK killing Alar, Solarian, and decided to give Void Reaver a shot even though he is supposed to be “bugged”. I’m not sure if he is really bugged or if he is just supposed to be hard now. He was buffed and it’s really noticeable making VR much more difficult now. I bet the guy at blizzard who designed this boss was just pissed everyone thought his creation was so easy.

“So Bob did you hear everyone calls your guy Loot Reaver now?”
*Bobs eyes narrow in malice*
“Oh really….I’ll show those bastards.”
*bob opens his source code and turns up VR's difficulty level x4*

VR is actually much harder now per what the ranged classes say, but as far as tanking him he’s still the same easy fight. Apparently he doesn’t turn now in the direction he throws orbs, and he throws more of them, plus he doesn’t target the person he throws them to so the ranged never know who to get away from.
Even though he is harder now we still killed him on our second attempt and passed the T5 shoulders out making several people happy.

Hopefully this week goes better as far as raiding, I’d like to see some more attempts on vashj or get back into Hyjal.

On the PvP front nothing exciting, went 50% win/loss on all teams. I did however manage to pick up my veng legs giving me 4/5 veng which is pretty nice. Now I’m just going to keep saving my points now until the next season.

Last night we hit up ZA to try to get our hunter his Trollbane axe from the 2nd timed chest. It didn’t drop, a healing staff did which went to my resto druid RL friend (finally got his ass online to play). We missed the third timed chest by about 2 minutes so I think we’ll hopefully get it in the next couple of tries. I picked up a dps plate chest piece off of eagle but I don’t think I will really use it that much since veng is better in almost every way.

Tonight I think we are going to try to beat the 3d chest timer before our SSC raid begins. I realized I linked several new epics I picked up this weekend but most of them are so situational they will be rarely used, Hopefully I can start spending my DKP on some much needed tanking upgrades.


Anonymous said...

Nightwins Sister is harder but still dooable too:)

Raydz said...

Really she got harder?
I have been away a while then bc she was easy.

Bandarno said...

No, she's still easy, but her loot isnt as state of the art as it was before.

Anyways, hoping you make the switch back so I can afford to run Kara on my mage instead of my druid lol. Right now though, I am out of commission. Got a blue screen error monday night. Computer restarted itself...but wont boot up. It takes me to the screen where it asks if I want to use safe mode, normal, last known settings that work, etc, and none do anything.

Brought it into Circuit City Tuesday...they have until the 8th according to my receipt. At this point, I want it back now...but also hoping it goes longer so I can get on their ass about having to just replace it with a new laptop.

Raydz said...

Man im sorry to hear about your comp , that sucks man =/

Run Kara? *head explodes*
I'll run it a few times so u can get stuff with your mage but im gonna try to stay outta there as much as possible, u know i hate that place =P