Friday, December 14, 2007

Gruul --> Mag --> Kara = Another late night.

Yesterday I got home from work to test out my new ISP. It worked, I was on WoW and Vent at the same time, latency was around 250-350, that’s good enough for me to be happy. I gave my new router a little loving last night to let her know how much I appreciate her, she told me I’m the best she ever had. Hopefully this leads to a long lasting relationship of happiness for both parties. My quest now is to get a new computer, but that won’t happen for a few months with the holidays here and my money going out the window for gifts to family and friends.

Last night the plan was to Kill Gruul, Kill Mag, form up a group and go finish up Kara. About 50% of these plans were executed successfully. Gruul died in one shot, he dropped the token for my pants. I bid 5dkp on them but didn’t win them since someone decided to go negative, since I just got the pants of curator I wasn’t going to try to match that. This was the same druid that beat me on a roll for the t4 glove token the first time they dropped, this is the same druid that beat me on a roll for the t4 helm the first time it dropped, this is the same druid that is going to have four flat tires this weekend. Actually I don’t know how old this guy is, if he isn’t old enough to drive then…this is the same druid who will have 2 flat bicycle tires. Maybe he doenst have a bicycle? I'll rip the soles off his shoes, thats right i thought of everything.

After killing Gruul we headed over to Mag, we couldn’t quite get the right makeup that people were saying we needed but we went ahead anyways. Which is totally cool with me, I’d rather wipe on a boss and begin the learning process than disappoint people and decide to not attempt him. I used to be a guild leader/raid organizer and keeping people motivated and happy about progression isn’t an easy thing. If you don’t raid you upset the people who want to progress, if you go in with the wrong make up and wipe you hear BS from people about how we shouldn’t have even tried and then it’s harder to motivate those people to go next time. Raistilan a mage in our guild is shouldering the raid progression, just wanted to give a quick shout to him about what a good job he is doing. I don’t envy you, it’s a pain in the ass with little reward. Thanks for organizing it all.

As far as the Mag fight goes my job is pretty simple. I run in and tank the 3’d warlock, as each warlock dies the others get stronger. It’s a dps race to kill the warlocks, so when the fight starts the guy on the first warlock has the hardest time controlling agro because everyone is balls out dps go go go. With me being 3’d I have plenty of time to get agro and even with warlock 1 and 2 dead the mob really still isn’t even hitting hard. I just have to interrupt his death coils and mending spells, last night I think I most likely did have the easiest job. When my mob died I ran around taunting infernals off healers until Mag was released and honors starts MT him (Honors our pally tank was chosen to MT him last night. He now has a Sh*t ton of hp, grats man and gj!). One of the classes we were short on last night was locks so there wasn’t enough fears/banishes to go around so that’s why I picked up the infernals, better smacking on me than a tree. When Mag pops it was my job to toss up a thunderclap, demo shout, and hit honors with a commanding shout. That was also easy, I think the hardest part of my “Mag fight” experience is to watch the “cube” I am assigned to. This part is where Mag starts casting this fire spell and the five cubes around him have to be simultaneously clicked, also not that hard and I got my “clicks” off just fine. Except the time I was dead, that made it a little bit difficult but I had said I was dead in vent and someone covered me. We didn’t get Mag down but at least we learned something. On our final attempt i was the last guy standing, just for fun i grabbed mag and tanked him against the wall to see what it was like. Suprisingly i actually lived a long ass time with no heals, long enough for people on vent to ask how i was still alive. I should have popped shield wall to see just how long i could last. After getting a taste of tanking Mag i hope one day i get a shot to MT him. After switching some of my gems around i noticed in my kara raid i have 17k hp, i wish i would have paid attention during the 25 man raid.

The guild has decided to concentrate on Mag until he is dead then we move off to SSC, good call in my opinion.

After Mag my Kara group formed up and we headed in. It was already late so the whole time I was hoping it would get called so I could go to bed. Like I said in a previous post, I can’t say no to a raid so I stuck around. We killed Illhoof, shade and the chess event and that’s when people decided it was late and we should call it. I think tonight we’ll probably go in and finish the rest of Kara off. I have decided that if Nightbane doesn’t drop my shield I’m going to use my badges and buy the heroic one for now. It’s not that great of an upgrade but I can’t keep putting it off hoping for a free drop. Yes I realize that as soon as I buy it a shield will drop off Gruul or Nightbane.

This weekend were having a sort of “guild pvp” event, I’m looking forward to it. Should be a lot of fun, monday ill probably post something about how everyone in my guild is a bunch of cheaters and hackers because i didnt win the tourney.

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