Monday, December 17, 2007

PvP Tourney = Good times

“This weekend were having a sort of “guild pvp” event, I’m looking forward to it. Should be a lot of fun, monday ill probably post something about how everyone in my guild is a bunch of cheaters and hackers because i didnt win the tourney.” - Posted by me Friday, December 14, 2007

Turns out I was absolutely correct. I did horrible in the pvp tourney.
Why so bad? The only answer is that in my guild I’m surrounded by cheaters and hackers.
Couldn’t they just be better than me? Pfft, not possible.

The only logical assumption is that somehow everyone in my guild found a way to hack the wow mainframe altering their characters stats allowing them to beat me. While I realize this would be a near impossible task for the common gamer, it was obviously carried out and successful to sedate their lust for glory and gold prizes....Okay, I will admit that there is a slight possibility that it’s because a lot of these guys are good and I still have a lot to learn when it comes to pvp as a warrior. I’m still leaning toward my theory of pro-hackers risking jail time over a 300 gold prize though.

During the tourney me and dirty(resto druid) faced off vs a druid/rogue team. They beat us knocking us out of the race for 2v2 teams. What sucks for the druid/rogue team is that they are both in my Kara group. You bitches can kiss your loot goodbye for the next three weeks. “What’s that you say? Oh my goodness did I accidently give that loot you won to someone else? That’s a shame. My apologies” .
The 2v2 tourney was won by an arms warrior and holy pally who defeated a team of two locks.

During the 1v1 I did a little better but was beaten by Oslo a hunter who is also in my 3v3 arena team. It was actually a pretty good fight, if I had just gotten off that last execute it might have turned the fight in my favor. I guess the extra stamina buff you had from hacking into wow paid off, an anonymous letter has been sent to wow explaining what you did, grats on your jail time.
The 1v1 was won by a demo lock vs a rogue but I don’t remember his spec. Locks are just badass, it was demonstrated yesterday over and over.

The 3v3 consisted of Me, Dirty, and Nightwin (same rogue who beat us in the 2v2), we lost our first match, instantly putting us out of the 3v3 race. Not much I can say to this except, Dirty and Nightwin’s fault.
The 3v3 was won by the same arms warrior and holy pally who won the 2v2, they had a rogue as their third. They beat a team of Druid, Druid, Frostmage for the win.

Overall it was seriously a ton of fun and I hope we do it again sometime. Good job on organizing it all Oslo! Next time i'm going to get in some practice before hand.

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