Monday, December 3, 2007

Loot Train pushes onward

The loot train chugged onwards this week which made me pitch a happy tent. For starters I grabbed my season 3 helm. I needed a new pvp helm badly, since the helm I was using before was some blue POS with no resilience. Illhoof dropped a nice mace that I will use as an offhand when grinding, and the ZA bear boss dropped some new tanking boots which were a really nice upgrade with loads more stamina. Here are all three items.
Friday evening Oslo (beast hunter), Dirty (resto druid), and I (arms warrior at the time) decided to try our luck in 3v3 arena. Our luck was not good. We went 3-7 for the night, getting owned pretty hardcore in several matches. What sucks about week 1 of a new season is that everyone is set back to a 1500 rating, 80% of the teams we faced totally out geared us. I was on the verge of getting pissed off but my other 2 team mates kept reminding me that it’s a gear issue and we really shouldn’t even be playing teams like this yet. I wasn’t getting mad at my teammates; I was just getting mad at losing. I hate to lose. I held my frustration in check, took the lumps, and we’ll get about 300 arena points for this week’s games.

*Off wow topic for a second*
Speaking about how much I hate to lose, yesterday (Sunday) I had some family/ friends out. They brought with them Mario Olympics, a newish game for the Wii system. I have a Wii but I really never play it, I just bought one because everyone else wanted one. My little cousins are between 7-12 years old, and wanted to play me. I’m 27 and grown up enough to realize that even if I could beat them in a game I should let them win and laugh and have a good time with it…..pffft F$*k that, I beat their asses and it was amazing fun. Who can beat me playing the crocodile character (who isn’t even that fast ill point out) in track and field? No one is the answer. I didn’t only kick ass on the little kids, I had friends my age over that I smoked also. I didn’t take the gold medal in every single event but the ones I took silver in were the gay events (such as the trampoline or dream racing) that I didn’t want to win anyways (That’s not true, obviously I wanted to win every one this is just my way of dealing with it)… Anyways back to wow.

I can’t express how happy I am at the latest changes to devastate. As a prot warrior I can effectively grind for money now. I can even grind better as prot than I can when I’m spec’d for arms pvp. This works out nicely since I’m prot 5-6 days per week. The new offhanded weapon helps with my grinding, that’s the reason I rolled for it (I was the only one who wanted it anyways). Toss on dps gear, duel wield, spam devastate and execute, then move onto the next mob. It doesn’t work as well as a beast master hunter but it gets the job done much better.

Last night we killed Gruul again, I had to deal with some lag issues which always sucks my balls but HKM and Gruul went down on one shot each again. It’s amazing that such a short time ago we were wiping endlessly, now the guild makes it look like cake. I’d hate to think that everyone is so focused on not screwing up and killing Gruul because I won’t be their friend any more but that’s probably the case. To lose a friend like me would be devastating, I am an amazing person..… Of course I’m being sarcastic I’m way better than an “amazing person” I’m like “Super Amazing to infinity + 1”, and even if someone did mess up id never hold it against them, my lag makes me goof up all the time.. … I’m just rambling now and not sure if I even know what the hell I’m talking about or being funny which is my intent so I’m going to just put this; Gruul and HKM down again on 1 shot, everyone rocks, and now I’m going to leave work I’m F*$king tired.

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You are so lucky with drops. We haven't gotten the Boots to drop yet.