Thursday, December 6, 2007


The statement that plate tanking pieces drop off of Curator, Attumen, or a shield from Nightbane is a cruel lie. Tuesday the Kara group I am in did a clear from Attumen through Prince. We left Nightbane, Illhoof, and Netherspite for Wednesday, which we went back and did. So a full Kara clear and no loot but a dps ring for me, which I only took because no one else wanted it. I’m sitting at 60 badges right now, I am capable of going and buying a shield but what I really want to use my badges for is the tanking legs then a cape.

Normally in previous posts I would go on a rant and say mean and hurtful things which were probably unfair to these bosses and possibly hurt their feelings because they didn’t drop my loot. I’m going to rise above that this week, stay calm, stay optimistic that next week they will drop my loot, and not say anything harsh about my good friends Attumen ,Curator , and Nightbane…..but…F$*k you creators of AtlasLoot, leading me onto to believe that these drops have a 15% drop rate let alone even exist. I think one of you bastards forgot a period somewhere and it’s supposed to be .15%. The calculations on that mod can kiss my beanbag, there is no way they are correct. If the guy who wrote Atlasloots is reading this, drop me a line, I’ll find you a math tutor. You all should be Tbagged for all eternity for the frustration you have caused millions of wow players with your blatently false calculations. Enjoy Hell F*$kers.
*Yes I realize these drops all do really exists and yes I’m sure the drop rate is spot on I’m just venting and being an ass, Atlasloots is a kickass mod that I wouldn’t ever get rid of and i really appreciate the work those guys did to provide a free mod like that.*

Tonight we plan to raid on Mag which will be really fun and I’m looking forward to it. If we happen to down him then awesome, if not I want to see him just for the experience to say I have been there. At some point though I hope we pick a boss and focus on him till he is dead, much the same thing we did with Gruul. I don’t even care which boss the guild picks, just to have another boss kill notch in my belt would be great.

We had two of our highest dps’ers in the guild leave the other day because we didn’t raid enough, the mage who left I was sad to see go because he really kicked a lot of ass and was an all around nice guy. With them leaving it got me thinking of my thoughts on if we raid enough. Right now we do 1 night of Gruul and then 1 night of progression raiding whether it be Lurker, Void Reaver, or now Mag. That’s only 2 nights a week of 25 man raiding. Although I have to factor in 2 nights for Kara badge farming (it’s certainly not loot farming these days /grumble), and then 2 nights for ZA. 6 days a week of raiding is more than enough for me, it actually leaves me with not enough free time as it is. So Id rather not see us picking up another raid night, I’m happy right where we are. Maybe if we learn the Mag fight fairly easy we could wrap him up with HKM and Gruul in one night as other raiding guilds have done, since they are both pretty short instances. Leaving us still with 1 night for a 25 man progression night. So anyways while I hate to see these guys go I hope we don’t pick up more nights of 25 man raiding, at least not until ZA has been cleared.

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