Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I am sick

Wow the plate legs off Curator weren’t just a myth. They ended up dropping last night and being the only plate tank I picked them up. I also bought a new pair of bracers with my heroic badges last night, which I needed since Attumen refuses to drop his. I like the heroic bracers better anyways so f*ck you attumen i dont want your sh*t drops anyways. This leaves me with about 40’ish badges and I’ll probably pick up either the cape or shield next depending on what Nightbane and Gruul offer up. What sucks about the legs I got last night is that I’m not sure how much $$ to put into them because most likely in a few weeks I’ll have the t4 ones from Gruul. I’ll probably be a cheap ass and put the +9 stam gems in them and maybe not even attach the +30 stam leg armor for right now.

The last few days my ISP has really sucked hard core because we had a little bit of an ice storm which froze all the lines around my house. If you will remember from previous posts if I have any type of “wet” weather my connection goes to hell real fast instantly driving me crazy. I don’t know why it’s like that it just is, no matter how much I yell and scream at the phone company. We’ll now my ISP is totally down while we have this icy weather so I decided I’m going to drive up to Dirty’s house and use his ISP for Gruul last night. He is a RL friend and doesnt mind me bumming off his connection but also lives 30 mins away. Yes, you are correct, I am sick, i care about raiding that much. I packed up my computer, drove 30 minutes, raided till 1:30 am, packed up and then drove 30 mins home. I feel like I laid down in bed, and instantly the alarm went off for me to go to work. As always I’m writing this post while only being half awake, like I said…I have a sickness. My original plan was to just go bum his ISP for an hour to do Gruuls then pack up go home and get a good night sleep. We’ll my regular Kara group formed up after Gruuls and when it comes to going on a raid I can’t say no. When I got home a little after 2am my girl friend was NOT a happy camper, I wish she would be a little more appreciative that I stayed up all night to fight the forces of evil so that our child can grow up in a future not over run by the forces of undead. She didn’t see it that way though, apparently I’m just a dumbass. That’s fine if she is gonna be all mean to me, I’ll just have to cut her off from the old love muscle. Wonder how she is gonna like those apples.

Before Kara last night we formed up and went in to Gruuls layer. We had A LOT of new people so the run wasn’t as smooth as normal, but we also didn’t have all the regulars on so trying to teach new people a dungeon is better than not going in my opinion. My normal mob to tank on HKM is Olm the Summoner. He is my new nightmare since the last patch change making fear no longer an agro wipe. Before the patch he would be tanked to the left and against the wall of the main entry hall, he would fear you and then switch targets to either his enslaved fell hound or to the other tank. He never moved really from this spot, and was about as simple as it could be. Now with the non-wiping agro he follows the tank around that he feared, and is just a huge pain in the ass needing to be chased after and taunted back to his starting position. Last night two times in a row I got Olm into position and then was feared directly into the mage mobs aoe. I died leaving Olm in a bad spot and with only 1 other tank on him. We had to reset HKM about 3 times before we actually killed him. We attempted Gruul 2-3 times getting him down to 11% but then on our last wipe we got respawns so it was called. I’m not sure when we are going back in to kill him but I hope I’m on for it, I really would like the t4 legs and the shield he drops. I know Honors and Lan both have their eyes on the shield along with me so the plan is to hack the database storing DKP so that it looks like I’m the only one with enough to bid on the shield. Obviously im joking, of course I wouldn’t ever do anything like that……

Tonight I don’t think Gruul is on the schedule so it will probably just be a run to finish up Kara, I hope it goes smooth so I can get to bed at a decent hour.


Honors Code said...

Gratz on your new loots.

BRK said...

"I’ll probably be a cheap ass and put the +9 stam gems in them and maybe not even attach the +30 stam leg armor for right now."

Cheap @sses lose loot-karma. You'll only get your new armor if you spend the gold to upgrade your gems/enchants now.

/raised eyebrow


Raydz said...

Holy crap
a BRK comment!

Your probably right about the loot-karma, so i'll stick the gems and +30 leg armor on. It's gonna put me back in the poor house though, im not like a hunter who makes gold pretty much just by logging in. =P