Thursday, December 27, 2007

No Free Time Lately

Well I think I was actually kind of retarded to think I would get to play as much as I wanted to over Christmas break.

Friday I was home with the baby who had an ear infection which means I didn’t get to do anything but hear her scream and cry. I didn’t get to play till that night and not for very long = nothing really accomplished.

Saturday I was forced to go shopping by my girlfriend, along with millions of other people crammed into tiny ass stores in the mall. There was a point in Bath and Body works while standing in line this old lady who I have never met before thought it would be a good idea to tell me about all the lotions and candles she is getting and for which family members. She kept pulling lotions and sh*t out of her basket to see what I thought of the scents, it was a nightmare from which I couldn’t awake. I hate that place to begin with, I’m not a fan of all the crazy smells, I seriously thought of slamming my face against the wall till I went unconscious. Very little wow played on this day, just old people who look like the crypt keeper shoving scented oils in my face, that lady has no idea how close she was to getting choked out.

Sunday morning I got to play a little bit but then it was off for a Christmas party. Which I did have fun at so I can’t complain about that, but no wow that night either.

Monday I was finally able to relax and get some game time in. I did some 2v2 arena matches which bumped me up to 1560 from 1470, so that was a lot of fun. It’s been a while since I have consistently won in any arena matches. I also got a lot of battle grounds done, but sadly alliance in my battle group almost always lose every match. When horde win it’s a landslide, when alliance actually does win it always feels like we just barely squeaked a win in.
I logged off for Christmas Eve with the family but I did log back on again when I went home. I did some more arena’s with my 3v3 team which went 5-5. After arena’s we went and raided Tauren Mill for the hell of it, it turned into a pretty good sized PvP war, some of the most fun I have had in a long time.

Christmas I didn’t touch the computer and just hung out with the family.

I was able to pick up my chest piece for arena’s which is a huge upgrade to some blue lvl 70 Marshall gear I was wearing.

I think it was last Friday night we went into ZA and had the bear boss to 30% when the timer ran out, I think if we had a mage in the group the added dps plus a very stable cc could have made a huge difference. I don’t know which of the dps in the group I would like to replace with a mage though because everyone did a really good job. Hopefully on the next attempt we can beat the timer, thats a goal of mine.

The guild hasn’t raided Gruul for like two weeks, hopefully we can get in there this week, but it’s looking kind of iffy with the holidays and every ones schedules are so sporadic.

Sorry I haven’t kept up with the blog but like many other people I have been extremely busy around the holidays, I’m betting I don’t get another blog post up until next Wednesday. I know you all miss me, and I know you get lonely and depressed when you have nothing new to read from me. To help deal with these emotions just picture me in all my epic glory being your friend. Then I want you to realize you’re just dreaming and I’m way to cool to be your friend =).

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