Monday, December 17, 2007

Stupid new shield

We’ll after another Nightbane kill and no shield I decided I’m just going to buy the heroic badge shield and continue to wait for an upgrade to drop for me from Gruul or Nightbane. It’s not fair for me to horde my badges while using a crappy blue shield that can easily be replaced. I do hate everythign about this shield though, the fact i had to "buy" it with badges, the graphic is g@y, and its not as good as the shields i have been wanting. After purchasing the shield I have one blue item left to replace, which is my cape. One more Kara clear and I will have enough badges to upgrade that as well. Tonight I think we might be trying Mag again, which would be pretty fun so I hope we do. He drops the T4 chest piece but it’s not really a huge upgrade for me so I would roll on it, but not spend dkp points. He also has a nice polearm that I wouldn’t mind setting myself up with, but again not a huge upgrade so I wouldn’t spend dkp on it, just roll for it.

If Mag doesn’t happen tonight then I think my group might try to run ZA. I’m really itching to beat the bear under the timer, and we still need to get an eagle kill. I would like to see my group start dedicating more time to ZA than we do in Kara, but I know a lot of people still want loot from Kara and who can argue with the free badges, but at some point ZA needs to be beaten.

As far as Kara goes this week it looks like the guild has reorganized the groups because groups 3 and 4 have been struggling. I don’t mind subbing people in and out of different groups to help them learn the boss fights but from what I have heard some of the guys in those other groups cause a lot of wipes from either not paying attention or f*cking around. I’m down as the “Raid Leader” for the new group 3, if people start goofing off even after warnings then they get the /boot. It looks like I am lucky though, I didn’t get any of the guys who I have heard complaints about so my run should still go as smooth as normal and hopefully get a few guys some new gear.

I picked up my gladiator legs after I got enough honor points this weekend. My pvp set still needs a ton of work but I am one step closer. On the arena home front, my 3v3 team (Oslo- hunter, Dirty- resto druid, and I -arms warrior) went 8-7. We gained 1 point after 15 games. Overall we’ve done 39 games and have a 1505 rating. That’s an average of about 1 point every 8 games. Let’s say the rating to hope for is 1850 which I think is the rating needed to buy season three weapons, at this pace we will only have to play another 2760 games =P. I am happy with my 3v3 right now though, we seem like were clicking better, so I’m just waiting for that point when we all “mesh” and we start doing really well. My 5v5 on the other hand got owned, we went 3-7. This week though it was more to just get people their weekly arena points. I’ll keep doing the 5v5 for practice but I think I’m going to hang my hopes of a high ranking arena team on my 3v3, I hope one day that pans out to a good score.

I missed my arena pvp chest by 65 points this week so I’ll have to wait an extra week to get that. I’m going to try to get my pvp bracers this week so I can at least put forth one new item to my pvp set since I can’t grab the chest piece.

Here are the two items I picked up. I’m going to have the shield enchanted tonight before any raiding goes down.

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