Thursday, January 10, 2008

Eagle Dead, Gruul is not.

Tuesday night our guild had the plans to one shot HKM, on shot Gruul, and then move to Mag to hopefully kill them all in one night and spend our other 25 man raiding nights on progression. Sweet plan, dig the idea, other guilds do it so why shouldn’t we. The night turned out to be a huge bust, we had 7-8 new people in the run and I don’t know if it’s rude to say it but I think that really wrecked us. When our core group goes, 1 shot HKM 1 shot gruul. When we start letting that many under geared people go it really causes a huge problem. 3-4 new people, I don’t see that as a problem, 7-8 was just too many. We wiped on HKM several times, and couldn’t kill Gruul, and that’s just insane for our guild at this point. Telling people they are under geared or there is no room for them sucks but stressing out the main core group and pissing regulars off sucks more. I’m not going to bitch about it anymore but Honors does a better job of explaining it than I would, as normal I would just rant, cuss, and threaten to kill someone if I kept typing about it. Honors thoughts on the wipe

On a better note group 2 has finally killed eagle in ZA. We went in to beat the timer on the bear which we almost did but because of an unlucky wipe on the final pull before bear it costs us the timer. Once we have the eagle down for sure we’ll probably be using him to beat the timer, gain extra minutes, then head over to bear to beat him on timer as well. I really look forward to seeing that happen and the extra loot for people. I have a hard time holding the group together in ZA because each boss is only dropping 1 epic, and we still have wipes so people get pissed about the repair bills. Two epic drops per boss would really help encourage people to stick around in ZA I think. If I we can’t beat the timer anytime soon that means I might lose some of my group, in my guild that leaves for slim pickings of people who are geared enough to be replacements. If that happens what do I do then, go outside the guild for people?
Eagle Dead!
Eagle Loot

So far this week I have had a pretty successful run in arena’s. I’m sure this weekend I’ll be doing more and hopefully it stays on a positive note. The more I practice and get advice from other warriors I can see noticeable improvements in my pvp play. I intervene and disarm/hamstring people on my healer regularly now, I taunt pets off my healer, and through gear improvements I’m hitting harder now. I wasn’t learning enough just doing my 10 games per week, by upping my games per week I’m getting the much needed practice, and it’s paying off. It’s still my hope to have at least 1 winning arena team.

Sorry this post is a little short but I’m sick as a dog atm and don’t feel much like typing. Maybe some shots at lynx boss tonight or Kara for badges (would much rather work on lynx but I guess I have to do what the mass wants).
Arnea's so far this week
(thats fine f**kers laugh at my score's, you wont laugh when i find you and r*pe your an*s)

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