Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gruul Un-Farmed

Last week I was able to get my 2v2 and 3v3 games in, but as normal we couldn’t seem to get enough guys on at the same time for some 5v5 matches. I really need to stop letting this group slip and work at getting the guys together to make sure we get our points in or if it’s just not possible then I need to bail and find a different team. My 2v2 and 3v3 both went 6-4 for the week, which I’m happy with. Raising the team ratings is a slow process for us but at least it’s going up. After a few more 6-4 weeks I could sit happy with 2 teams being in the 1600’s. To someone who does arena’s and pvp’s hardcore 1600 is nothing special, but it would be an achievement for me since my time is pretty much 85% pve and then doing pvp in my off time. I do really enjoy pvp but I don’t think I could solely do it all the time or i might think about doing it, it’s my guess that I would burn out on that really fast. To argue that though I have never been in a pvp setting of pre-made battle ground groups or with a hardcore arena team, stomping ass in pvp all day long might be fun. I probably won’t ever go down that road though unless raiding becomes completely futile.

(Bitch Session Inc)
Speaking of raiding becoming futile, I want to scream from how much trouble our guild has been having with Gruul lately. For weeks we were killing him like he wasn’t a problem, most of the time it was a one shot and at the very most it was a two shot. For whatever reason now the past several times in Gruul’s layer has just seriously sucked hardcore. Last night we zoned in and killed HKM (It was an ugly kill btw, mobs died out of order and slowly). Then we went to Gruul and wiped on him, I cant remember what % he was at. The next attempt we wiped somewhere around 8% (He was on like growth 15), and then again another wipe around 14% (again a really high growth). I’m assuming our dps was lacking last night with how high our growths were. I don’t know if we’re still going after Gruul with people extremely under geared or if no one was paying attention but last night was basically a waste of a raid night. This means now we have to spend an extra night this week getting everyone back together to go in and finish Gruul when we could be doing something else productive whether that be a progression boss or farming badges (*shudder* I’m so sick of Kara). After our first wipe we farted around looking at Gruul for a long time, again letting any raid momentum we had die. I think the guild sat there and talked about gaming keyboards for about 10 minutes, then everyone had to buff, or go afk, or whatever other reasons. We f*cked around so much we had 3 attempts on Gruul before the trash timer was reset. At that point the raid was called because no one wanted to re-clear trash.

At what point do you “Un-farm” a boss? Wiping on Gruul and leaving without a boss kill doesn’t feel like “farm” status to me.

If the 25 man we took to Gruul last night is now our “Normal” raid group then we need to take a step back and make farming Gruul’s layer our priority again and sadly put SSC in the background until we can gear up these new people. It’s getting to the point that for several of the “geared normal” raiders that if it’s not our “successful” raid group then they are just going to stop going because they are tired of the repair bills, frustration, and the waste of time (this doesn’t include me it’s just what I have picked up from other raiders). I’m guessing this trend is already starting to take root as every raid on Gruul seems like we have more and more “new” people.

I’m not an officer in the guild or a raid leader but if it were up to me a decision would need to be made. So many new guys are not allowed to come to a raid at one time, if we had that many “new guys” because “old raiders” won’t go then those guys need a kick in the ass. If you won’t come to Gruul because you already have your gear and you’re not willing to help others then you’re not allowed to come to Mag and SSC. I go to Gruul even though I don’t really need anything anymore, yes I have the hope of getting his shield but that’s a 2.5% drop rate so in all reality I know I’ll probably never get it. I go to Gruul every week to help out others and because I enjoy raiding (even though the “enjoy” is really getting stretched thin lately with all the trouble we have been having), if others will not do the same then they need to be replaced for Gruul and denied the chance to go to SSC. You shouldn't be part of the “Core” team if you pick and choose raids, you’re either in or you’re out. If we lose a bunch of core guys because they will not commit and we need to take these “new” people then, we take a step back, gear them up, and then begin pushing forward for progression once we have obtained another geared core group OR actively try to recruit some well geared people if we don’t want to spend the time/energy gearing people up. Either way something needs to be done because it feels like our raids are getting worse?


Anonymous said...

We are working on the way it shall be..honest we are

Nightwin's Sister is Hot said...

I think you hit the nail on the head in a previous post, in relation to the cap of 5 mkp. Like you, I was stuck at 5 for the longest time. The difference is, I had all I needed from Gruul's lair. I still went a few times, but, as you mentioned, its becoming a wipe fest more than anything. Thus I started only going if they really bugged me about it. Now that I used my mkp on a very slight upgrade just for the sake of actually using it on something, I'm back to running Gruul's.

Anonymous said...

I understood, unless I'm mistaken, that you can actually go above 5mkp. Is it no longer available to bid the 5 that you have, and on top go -5 to make a total of 10. I think the intent was to make this a type of deterrence, so that only people that really wanted an item would get it.Rather than just to those who roll on the sake of spending caped points.In addition a silent bid might also be helpful when it comes to spending MKP's.

Anonymous said...

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