Wednesday, January 2, 2008


First off,
Happy New Year everyone! I also would like to add if you have a better arena team than me I hope you choke. This holiday break there was no real raiding going on except Kara so I worked on my PVP pretty much every day. I ran BG’s till my eyes bled and then worked on 2v2 with a pally in my guild till i coudlnt see strait. I think this is the longest stretch of time I have been pvp spec in the last 6 months and its been a mix of fun and frustration. My arena experiences overall haven’t gone very well.

My 2v2 I have chalked up as a team of self improvement and learning. My and Aztk (holy pally) put in about 40 games this weekend of trying different strategies. My 2v2 was around 1560 but now sits at 1440’sh, but I feel like me and Aztk have learned a lot about using line of sight and coordinating pummel/stuns. After a few more weeks of hardcore practice like this I think we can expect to see some true results and maybe a respectable rating.

3v3 started out really well last week, we raised our rating to about 1560 from 1490. It was Me , Oslo(Marks Hunter), and Dirtyoldman(holy pally). Dirty(feral druid) jumped in for a few games and we lost about as many as we won with him leaving us still with a rating of 1560. Then Dirty got his lock on the team (23 resil = not a happy raydz). Ever seen that commercial where Walmart has the falling prices and the money just keeps falling off the board? That’s how I saw our rating. I wanted to light a stick of dynamite and swallow it. I didn’t participate in the games he used his lock on because I knew it was a horrible idea, so it was Oslo, Dirtyoldman, and the lock. The night finished off at 1480, I can’t stress how important resilience is. This week we already got 3v3 games in but those didn’t go well either and it was Oslo, Dirtyoldman, and I. It was so frustrating because we kept playing teams of “rival” this or “duelist” that. Most games it was a flat creaming. Even though several times we only lost 10-13 points per game we kept playing the same teams 3-4 times. It was just insanity, after about 15 games we decided it was too painful to continue. Rating = 1458. We’re going to do some more games later this week or weekend and hopefully get teams more in our league.

The 5v5 team actually came through pretty nice. We went 6-4 for the night raising our rating from 1420 to 1444. Yes I realize it’s still a terrible rating but at least we showed improvement. There isn’t much really to talk about here except our lock did a respec after our first 3 games were a loss and now he is a dps sponge, making it really hard for the opposing team to kill him now. I think it really made the difference since we won all but 1 game after that. Thanks for the respec Splinter!

I had the badges for some new dps bracers that I have been lacking, so I bought them but still need the +str enchant. They were really needed for my grinding set. I’m starting to go broke again and every little bit of added dps helps with farming.

Tonight I’ll be picking up my pvp neckpiece, I put about 14k worth of bg’s in this weekend for it. I can’t wait to have it since it’s such a huge upgrade for me.

I will also be picking up this item for 1000 arena points, it’s also another seriously needed upgrade since I am currently equipping the x-bow from Attumen for my pvp set (yeah retarded I know).

I ran Kara last night from Attumen to Curator and I have to say, I’m pretty burnt on the place. The badges of course are nice and always needed so I’ll keep going but I look forward to 25 man raids so much more now.

This Friday the guild has set aside as day to concentrate on Mag until he is dead, awesome idea in my opinion. The rules have been set, were not leaving until he is dead or until everyone dies in RL at their computers. This is the kind of direction I think we need to set if we do plan to progress. Good call on this officers, can’t wait to kill him.

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