Monday, January 7, 2008

Is 6 hours worth a mag progression kill? You bet.

The guild I’m in (Mal Katai) is often stressed by some of the officers/GM as “casual raiding” but Friday night was nothing but a hardcore progression boss attempt, and it was great. It reminded me of my old hardcore pre-BC guild learning BWL, and I eat that shit up. When you zone into a dungeon with a guild that has the instance on farm it’s fun to see a boss die for the first time. When you go in an instance to kill a boss that nobody has ever done before, learn the fight together, and then kill him it’s so much more rewarding. I’m so glad I was able to raid that night.

My job on Friday was to tank the Warlock on “cube 4” and shield bash his spells, easy enough. He didn’t really hit that hard even when he was at “max” power with the warlocks of 1-3 down. After my lock was down I would go hit up Honorshammer (Pally Tank on Mag) with commanding shout, demo shout & thunderclap on mag. I was also in command of “Cube 4 phase 2” control. The clicking of the cubes is not hard, you wait to see Mag cast his fire spell then you click the cube. Unfortunately this is where we had the hardest problem of the night, but I can proudly say that only 1x in 19 attempts was I ever late on my cube click (the one time I messed up was because I caught a really crappy bounce so a tick of fire got through, which 1 tick really isn’t that bad so not much harm done).

Yes you read that right, 19 attempts roughly 6 hours learning Mag (keep in mind we had no one but 1 guy in the raid who had ever done Mag before, so if you’re thinking to yourself “noobs” you can go F*ck yourself). This is why I say we were hardcore on Friday night. We only lost 2-3 people to wife agro / people needing to sleep for work which is understandable. People hung in there through the wipes, frustration, kept their cool and I can say I was really proud to be a part of that team. After wipe 18 most of the people said they have to go but it came up on vent to give it just one more shot then we’ll call it a night. Good call on the one more shot, we were able to defeat the boss on this last attempt.

The token for my chest piece fell which I decided I actually would like after comparing it to what I had. It wouldn’t really give me any extra stamina but would add some other extra which I felt was worth the MKP. Since several of us have the same amount of MKP it went to rolls. At some point my loot rolling mojo has worn off because I rolled a freaking 3. That’s the first tanking loot I have seen in a 25 man in weeks, and I roll a f$#king 3?! WTFDKDJFLKJSLFJ:SDFDFSFDLKD!!!!. Gruul’s ass better drop that shield or leg token for me this week.

Even though I didn’t score any loot I was still happy to be there. Mag down and I think it has been decided we are going after Hydross next. Any boss the officers would have picked would have been cool as long as we’re trying to progress I couldn’t be happier.
The chestpiece off Mag i hope to get
Us after the mag kill


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