Friday, January 11, 2008

Possible Progression this weekend?

Last night I went to Kara. Lately I have been talking about how much I am burnt on Kara and how I don’t want to go, but the place cannot be avoided. The payout in badges is too much of a reward to skip the place. Our run last night cleared from bottom to top (attumen – prince) killing every boss except beast in 4 hours. You can’t say no to twenty something badges in 4 hours. Four hours of no wiping, no stopping, and in a single night is the perfect way to do Kara and just about the only way I can get pumped up for a run. Nightbane of course did not drop the shield I want, I have pretty much given up on that dream. I’m going basically give up on this item and have the approach that if it drops then sweet, if not then he can shove the shield up his gaping skeletal ass and hopefully it will be lodged in there for all time. I did pick up the tanking cloak off illhoof, which i have always passed to druids in the past. I grabbed it because it has more armor,def,and more importantly stamina than my current cloak but i lose shield block and dodge. I'll wear it for the occasions that require more hp than normal but in most cases ill still be using my trusty devilshark cape.(took screen captures off thottbot so it doesnt show my enchants).

I’m at 50 something badges right now and if I don’t get my tier 4 pants this week (those never drop anymore either) then I’m just going to farm a bunch of heroics / Kara next week and then buy my badge pants. Which are better for me anyways but with 75 badges I could almost replace 1 tanking neck and 1 pvp trinket and I’d rather do that. Badges are constantly burning a hole in my pocket, I’m surprised I haven’t spent the 50 I have.

Tonight the guild plans to attempt Hydross, progression is key and I’m pumped for it. I realize now though I shouldn’t have stayed up till 3am server time last night, going upstairs to discover my kid is awake because she is sick, and then only getting her and myself to sleep for 1.5 hours before waking up for work. Now I’m probably going to be a piss ass during the raid and mumbling to myself the whole time like rain man about how someone keeps doing something wrong and is a retard. I have watched the Hydross tutorials, read the strategies, I’m going to hit up the AH tonight for some frost/nature resist gear because I wasn’t aware that the OT’s on adds needed it. I must have missed that the first time I watched the video or I would have been hunting/crafting my gear several days ago. Apparently the “add” tanks are supposed to have ½ nature gear and ½ frost gear on. I havn’t farmed resist gear since I used to tank Rag and BWL which needed a shit ton of Fire resist, I don’t miss farming resist gear at all but i guess it needs to be done. Now i feel under equipped for this and i hate that.

I am confused on why we chose Hydross over Lurker. Seems like Hydross needs more preparation ( resist gear concerns on my part) and we have already gave Lurker some shots which we were starting to get the hang of him. From what I have heard from further progressed wow friends who are currently in other guilds on the server, Lurker is the easier boss to fight in SSC. Guild moral seemed to hit a high peak with the Mag kill, then dropped again with the Gruul run mess, I would choose whichever boss has the best chance of dying and raising moral. Which it seems this would be Lurker? Of course I will go to any 25 man raid anywhere, and since I’m not one of the people who forms the raids I just go with the flow and do what is expected of a tank. I just felt like voicing my curiosity.

I think this Saturday seems to forming up to be a possible run at ZA again. This place has currently taken hold in my mind as “the place to be”. It will be reset which means another try at beating the timer and possibly getting my guys some better loot. I keep reading that the best way to beat the timer is to actually kill eagle first. He has quick trash mobs and doesnt take that long to kill himself. Once you kill him you have time left over PLUS you are given an extra 10 minutes. Let’s just say it takes 12 minutes to clear trash to eagle (which it doesn’t I’m just padding the time), and then another 7 minutes to kill the boss (also padding my time here) that means we beat him in the timer. We receive 2x the loot, have 1 minute left over (distribute loot), and gain 10 minutes. That leaves us with a cushy 30 minute timer for bear. My group has missed the bear timer by about 1-2 minutes consistently. With an extra 10 minutes we even leave ourselves room for a wipe due to an unlucky taunt resist and still killing him within the timer. This Saturday I guess we can take a vote on which boss to attempt first. Right now im 50-50 either way since we have only just killed eagle 1x, but then again now that everyone knows it, he seems like a cake walk and an eagle kill in the timer means almost assuredly a bear kill in the timer. Beating the timer means progression which always is a good thing. Guess we’ll see what happens, I just hope I’m not back Monday cussing that we wiped on everything 10x or we didn’t even go.

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