Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good Bye Mal Katai

With much sadness the decision to move servers has been put into motion. Within the next few days or possibly even tonight Raydz will be moving to the Blackwing Layer server. This is a PVP server in the PST time zone. The main reason I am moving is because two of my Real life buddies have decided it’s time to move on and find a guild with a more hard core approach to raiding and since its in PST the raiding times will suit our schedules better since we are more “late night” type of guys. I’m down with the idea of finding a more hard core guild and one of the main reasons we all play wow is because it lets us hang out together, and since recently having kids we don’t get out that much anymore wow is the primary means in which to do that. I cannot let my friends transfer and not transfer raydz, they are my RL best friends and to not play with them would just be a shitty move on my part. For me this is really a hard thing to go through with because I feel like I have made several good friends on my server and leaving means not raiding with these guys anymore, and seriously that can suck my left nut.

I left what I felt is a “heart felt” good bye on my guild forums without getting all queer about it, so I hope it lets all these guys know how much it’s gonna suck not hanging with them anymore. I’m really going to miss all the trash talking and non-gay (well maybe a little gay) bonding we have had on our Kara and ZA runs and even the larger 25 man runs.

Mal Katai as a guild has been a lot of fun and I got to see some new content with them which has been a blast. I think for my friends it will be easier to transfer because they never really connected with the guild as a whole, where I feel I have made some good friends so it’s going to be hard to leave. I hope me leaving the guild doesn’t cause everyone to flat out hate me and if it does then possibly we weren’t as good of friends as I thought, and that would really suck a root. So to all my former guild mates and arena partners it’s been fun, you will be missed, and I plan to keep in touch through alts and stuff to say hi and make sure everyone is doing good.

And on one last parting note I leave you with this.

Your welcome.

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