Thursday, March 27, 2008

Did Mag Shrink?

Apparently its spring break for several of our core members this week so finding geared raiders was an issue last night. The officers decided to grab pretty much any level 70 that wanted to come and we headed off to go kill Mag.

I went back through my blog to see if I had any previous good screen shots of Mag but I couldn’t find one. The reason I was looking is because last night everyone was commenting on how much smaller Mag looked. I wasn’t sure if I totally saw it or not but he did look different to me. Maybe everyone in my guild is just crazy. I don’t think I read anything about Mag’s graphic being “shrunk” since he is less powerful so I’m curious if it was?

Mag Last Night
I tanked Gruul and Mag last night which was kinda fun, I think I kinda missed being in the MT seat. We had very few tanks on last night so I tanked the first warlock and the second warlock which was mis-directed to me. Tab – sunder- cleave – tab – shield slam – cleave – tab – sunder – tab – taunt – cleave. Etc.

That was kinda fun since I normally only tank the last one and both were dead before Mag spawned and I easily picked him up and tanked him against the wall. Mag is much easier now since his nerf, especially the cube rotation.

Mag also drops a lot of loot now. 3 chest tokens, his random loot, his head, 20 slot bag, and a bag full of gems which had 3 purples and 2 blues. I picked up a gem which will be made into a 15 stam gem as soon as I find a JC online in the guild who has the cut. Mag also dropped 25g / 3 badges for each player which I thanked him for. I don’t see any reason to ever miss out on the free badges, gems, and 25g in the upcoming weeks it seems like he has been turned into the outlands “onyxia”. HKM and Gruul went smooth as well, each dropping an extra armor token , 10g each, and 3 badges. I’m really enjoying the fact that raid bosses drop badges now, doing 3-4 bosses a night plus going into ZA will give me a steady supply of badges and will hopefully keep me out of Kara as much as possible.

In this post I’m going to include a few pictures that I forgot to bring the other day pertaining to my previous post about the new patch.

Already the alliance on my server are calling the new zone "Horde Island" since we have no chance of living long enough to quest there.

Here is one of the waves cresting the hill in Hyjal. Notice the Alliance NPC footmen ready to help. Behind them but out of the picture is dwarf gunmen, sorcerers, and knights which will also help

On our second to last wave people started losing connection in groups which eventually lead to 12 dc'd people and ended in a wipe and our only attempt for the night.(The aboms are cool looking)

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