Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lame ass drops

Ugh, week after week I kill the curator and he never drops the plate pants, same thing with Attumen and the bracers. I’m almost willing to bet I will have earned enough badges to just buy both tanking pieces before I ever see them drop. I had to take out my loot whore aggression somehow last night so when the group zoned out of Kara I snuck back up to curator, opened his metal helmed visor, and pissed in it. It was kind of funny, there were sparks flying everywhere. I still didn’t feel satisfied with that though so I went back downstairs and had an unholy union with Attumen’s dead horse while his undead eyes watched me. I felt better after that, but I did wish I had brought a towel, plate socks are not very good for cleaning up with. Anyways…(i kind of grossed myself out there actually)...I guess buying those 2 tanking pieces with badges isn’t that horrible of an idea since they are better anyways, minus the fact the leg graphic looks like sh#t.

Last night we stopped after curator and tonight I’m assuming we will finish the last half. At least that’s what I’m hoping, I really want to be done with Kara for the week and start focusing on some 25 man runs or at least killing Bear and Eagle in ZA. Group 1 has downed Eagle boss in ZA so now Group 2 has to catch them =).

Nothing else really to post about, I’m going to link up my pictures from SSC the other night because I forgot to bring them in. I think that place is really tight graphic wise, much cooler looking than the eye.

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