Monday, March 10, 2008

Fathom Lord Dead - Onto Vashj

Lady Vashj INC!
(Very Cool Medusa Graphic kicking)

Friday night the raid formed up and we headed in to take on Fathom-Lord. Three attempts later he was dead. I was surprised at how “easy” this boss is compared to some of the other bosses in SSC. He has a very “High King Mulgar” feel such as having a coordinated pull and adds with special abilities that need to be controlled. My job on this pull was the same as last time which was to tank the priest and kick the heals, which is easy enough. The priest will start to heal the other adds when they hit 65% and will randomly keep trying until that add is dead or back above 65%. I had a rogue to help me kick heals incase I was ice tombed, a warlock to use curse of tongues, and our healer was a shaman who could earthshock the heal if me and the rogue were ice tombed. On the attempt he died we did have one heal get through but thankfully he only healed the Hunter Add’s pet. I was ice tombed so was the rogue and the shaman was standing a little to close and ended up ice tombed as well which is why the heal got through. If I can recall correctly it was the only heal that got through the whole night. I did not bid dkp on the T5 pants because I find that my badge reward pants are pretty on par with these so I will save my dkp for a different piece for now.

I have to say that after Lurker the Fathom Lord is probably the next easiest boss in SSC. I was actually kind of disappointed in the encounter as it is actually somewhat boring.

Dead Fathom-Lord

After killing Fathom Lord several people went and completed a section of their BT attunement, which I hadn’t done yet so yesterday me and a hunter buddy of mine went and got caught up on all the quests, so this week when we kill fathom I’ll be able to get one step closer on the BT attunement. Yes I know that soon it will not be required but I think it will be cool to say I was attuned before the restrictions were dropped.

After Fathom just for fun we all wanted to see the bridge drop to vashj, which had a really cool graphic as it came sloshing up out of the water. It had a sort of "epic" feel to unlock the bridge as a guild first and im extreamly happy i could be there for that. We pulled her just for fun without any real fight explanation because it wasn’t a real attempt and people had to log. I ended up tanking her for a short time, and that chick can dish out some pretty hard core damage between melee and her spells.

My Grim Reaper after she killed me


Bridge Building

Bridge Built (very cool)

Vashj about to whomp me one

This week after reset we plan to do as fast of a clear as possible so that we can get in some hardcore vashj attempts. I have read that many guilds get stuck on this boss for weeks or months at a time so I don’t expect a vashj kill this week but hopefully we can get her close.


Honors Code said...

Gratz and /jealous

Raydz said...

Thanks man
If you guys can get the raiders you will be there in no time.