Thursday, March 6, 2008

First T5

Snowed again in St.Louis, about 10 inches of snow Monday night.
Worked from home again on Tuesday and Wed. Havnt seen those damn kids yet and I have been watching pretty close, I have a yellow snowball ready for them. Little bastards have it coming, I might also steal their sleds just for the fun of it.

Tuesday night was Hydross, Lurker, Leo. Hydross and Lurker went down on 1 shots and the trash was quick. Leo turned out to be just as big of a pain in the ass as he was last week on our first kill. We wiped several times before he died. So far this is still the coolest 25 man boss I have ever been on. What makes him even cooler is that I picked up the T5 gloves off him. I did spend a good hunk of dkp but I figured I should chase after my first piece of T5, I kinda look at it as a milestone for my character. It was no where near the amount of dkp I would have spent last week though so it did pay off to wait a week. I’m still gunning for the shoulders this week but there is actually a few priests and druids who have more dkp than me now since I got the gloves so the shoulders may be a few raids off yet.

Last night we wanted to wrap up everything outstanding so that on Friday we can go learn Fathom-Lord Karathress and Saturday the plan is to kill Alar before VR. The GM said we arnt not doing VR this week unless Alar dies, so I guess that’s incentive alone to kill him so that people can continue to get their T5 shoulders. Last night was a nice organized mow of Tidewalker over to Mag, then onto to HKM and Gruul. I opted out after Mag because I was so freaking sleepy I couldn’t stand it, which probably ended up me losing out on about 160 dkp. HKM and Gruul are the quickest bosses to gain dkp, our system rewards extra dkp for 1 shots, and for no one in the raid dying. That usually happens on both bosses and they are both dead in about an hour but I just couldn’t stand to stay up any longer. I ended up with a dps helm off Mag that I really didn’t want but I took it so that it wasn’t disenchanted. I rarely do dps, and I also have my season 3 helm anyways but what the heck I guess, I ended up taking it for 25dkp which is nothing.

Tonight is a guild night off and my b-day so ill be hanging with the family and catching up on some sleep, before the mad wipe fest of Friday and Saturday. Now that I think about it I may actually miss a raid on Saturday because I might end up going out with my friends that night gambling or something since several of us have b-days around the same time. Possibly no cool Alar kill for me ><

Hopefully tomorrow night I will get to see a fathom-lord kill.


Honors Code said...

Gratz on getting Leo down, you guys are really trucking.

Raydz said...

Thx bro,
Yeah i think the GM has a fire under his ass to pass up one of the guilds ahead of us.

Nilum said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you nail those kids with a nice yellow snowball.

Raydz said...


And ya those kids are gonna get it!