Monday, March 3, 2008

Leo dead, Karathress in progress

So sleepy, ready to lay down on the floor and go into hibernation mode.

Friday played until 4 am – woke up at 7am to get ready for golf, Saturday played till 3 am – woke up around 7 again because my kid got up, Sunday played till 2am, woke up at 6 for work. I am such a piss ass at work today, I need sleep so bad!

Friday night the raid got started way late, which sucked but I guess you can’t force people to raid when they don’t want to. We ended up going in and one shotting Hydross and lurker once we finally got the people on, it went nice and smooth it just sucked getting started so late. I ended up getting a really nice pvp ring off Hydross which cost me next to nothing dkp wise so it was a great upgrade for me at hardly any cost. Once Lurker was dead we went on for Leo attempts so people could start learning the fight. We didn’t end up killing him but we did get him down to 6% which I thought we should have stuck around to see him dead but people had to log. After the raid I went and started farming primals because I needed money just to repair, I hadn’t farmed in forever. I farmed for several hours and another JC recipe dropped for me which I sold for 800 smackers. That’s respec and repair fees for a few more weeks!

Saturday night was a progression night so instead of going and killing Tidewalker we went to go do Leo attempts. 4 hours later Leo was dead. I was finally present for a guild first kill and it was a lot of fun to be back to experiencing first time kills as a whole guild again, not to mention the extra dkp that is given out for guild 1st’s. Leo is probably the most exciting fight In 25 man content I have done yet. During his human phase he goes psycho apesh#t and starts spinning around the room doing a whirlwind, damaging tons of people and putting rend dots all over the place. During his demon phase you are sometimes forced to fight your inner demon, if you do not kill the demon fast enough you are mind controlled and start fighting your fellow guildies. Every attempt I ended up fighting my own inner demon at least once per fight, oftentimes 2 or 3 times per attempt and it’s actually pretty easy to beat the kill timer, even as a prot warrior. The demon will cast a shadow bolt, so if you spell reflect it your demon dies extremely fast. I wore all dps gear besides my sword and shield during this fight to ensure I could kill my demon. I was a little worried that I had too little tanking gear for the summoner type guys at the beginning of the fight but it turns out those are a joke to tank and can easily be tanked in dps gear. A defender glove token dropped and the plate tanking belt dropped and went for extremely high dkp so I opted to pass till a later drop. I did not want to blow all my dkp on one item. The T5 tokens are really starting to call to me though so I bet I do start really throwing a lot of dkp at them soon.

Waiting at leo

Dead Leo

Leo Demon Form

Leo Human Form

Fighting my Inner Demon

Sunday night again the raid started late but I chose to go even though it was late and I was soooo tired. We went in and 2 shot Tidewalker and to my surprise we went ahead and headed over to learn the Fathom-Lord boss. He seems like a pretty cool boss but not nearly as fun as Leo. We have not killed him yet but mainly because of one shamans hilarious mistakes. It went something like this. This fight consists of Karathress, his hunter (and pet), A priest who heals, and a enhancement shaman.

I was chosen to tank the priest and stop her from healing the boss and other adds. Move boss into position, tank boss, shield bash heal spells. No problem. I also was given a rogue on my boss incase I was ice tombed during her heal spell so that he could kick it, also no problem me and a rogue can easily cover that. I was given a resto shaman as a healer who could chain heal himself, me , and the rogue. Cool deal the priest doesn’t hit that hard so 1 healer will work just fine….i thought. During our first pull I moved the boss into position, me and the rogue started doing our thing, I saw that my health was getting very very low and I was only getting a random healing when a chain heal would bounce off the rogue to me. I died , raid wiped, we go back and try it again.

Second attempt the same thing happens, I get no heals , we discuss what is going on and I say “I got no heals”, I hate doing that because it’s like calling someone out in the raid, but there wasn’t much else I could say.

Gm asks the shaman “Why didn’t you heal Raydz”
Shaman “I didn’t have LOS, I got it this time though”

Third attempt, priest in place, me and rogue shield bashing/kicking heals. I find myself swigging pots, health stones, last stand because again no heals. I look up and see my shaman running away from me toward the raid.

(we’ll say the shamans name was homer, which it’s not but I don’t want to throw the guys name out there)
Me on vent “Homer, where you going man I’m going to die”
I die
Me on vent “Homer wtf you doing man you’re supposed to be healing raydz & rogue & yourself”
Shaman “Man im trying but I have to run all the way over here to get LOS on the raid then run all the way back to heal the rogue”
Me “Wait what? Oh shit *laugh* No dude *laughing more now* Your not supposed to be healing “The Raid” your supposed to be healing me, “Raydz the warrior”.
Shaman “ohhhhh”
*everyone laughs*
Shaman “Shit im sorry guys, I was wondering why you wanted me bouncing all over the place for this fight it made no sense”

It turns out the shaman didn’t realize my name was “Raydz” which sounds like “raids” and was running all over the place to heal everyone else except me. It was actually pretty hilarious on vent and made wiping kinda worth it for the laugh it got.

Our fourth attempt I got heals, we kicked the heals, but they had trouble killing the shaman in time before he killed the druid tanking him so we wiped again. The shaman has a windfury totem and can dish out an amazing amount of damage quickly so were going to have to figure out a better way to keep up the shamans tank next time. Next week the plane is to get Hydross, lurker, tide walker , leo down as fast as possible so we can spend a while day alone with Fathom-Lord and hopefully get him down as well.

Even though im dragging ass and so sleepy I had a really fun wow weekend because of getting to see some new bosses. Tonight is a guild night off so ill be doing my PVP tonight, hopefully that goes good!

Looking at fathom Lord

Tanking my priestess


Bandarno said...

Doomwalker down! ( better be coming back...we'll give you a picture of Nightwin's sister if you do)

Farmer Rob said...

Damn we need you back awesome tank man

Raydz said...

What kind of picture, there maybe a deal there if she is naked and hot.

Charity said...

Keep up the good work.