Thursday, March 13, 2008

He will feel the wrath of Raydz

Grrrrr Roar Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

*Grabs the small Chinese coder who sits outside my office and smacks him around and then tosses him out the window to let off some steam*

Tuesday we Kill Hydross, Lurker, Leo.
Lurker dropped the mallet and I’m dying for a weapon upgrade. Because I picked up the T5 gloves I didn’t have enough DKP to beat out the other warrior so the weapon went to him. Alright fine I can live with that, he will use the weapon and was the same upgrade as it would have been for me (Kings Defender to Mallet). I did make sure to run him down on dkp so I can start to get ahead of him. The mallet cost him about 700 dkp so it didn’t go cheap. On a side note about the Mallet, what a retarded ass graphic this thing has.

Last night we killed Fathom-Lord and the raid kinda died after that because we ended up getting started late. It sucked only doing 1 boss last night, but i was really tired so it worked out okay for me.

Fathom-Lord has 3 drops I would like.

For tanking he has a very nice neckpiece which I would probably spend over 800dkp to get a hold of this.

He also drops the T5 leg pieces which are not a huge upgrade over the badge pants I have, but I would still like them but id only spend a minimal amount of dkp on them. Last night they did drop and even though I really didn’t want to spend a lot for them I ran the dkp up on them to over 1000 knowing the other warrior wanted them. He obviously wanted them real bad so he kept bidding over me, which I am happy to see. That way when I really want something I’ll have more dkp than him. The game of DKP is ruff =)

As far as the other piece of loot goes;
I have talked several times about how much I enjoy doing arena’s, I find it just as fun as participating in raids. Right now I’m using the Axe that drops from Gruul, but what I really want is a 2 handed mace for the stun effect. I have been saving up my arena points to buy a pvp weapon but if I can get a comparable one from a 25 man I choose to do that and spend my arena points on season armor. “The World Breaker” is such a mace that drops from Fathom-Lord.

The weapon actually dropped last night. As soon as I saw it linked in raid chat my head was instantly filled with 70’s porn music and I began touching myself.

“Hey there world breaker, how you doing baby? You want to come party with raydz? You do don’t you baby, ohhh ya, grab it like you want it”

I was in key position to pick it up with my dkp and the bidding started. Me and another warrior were going after it at first (he was probably just driving my dkp down like I was doing to him earlier, which is fine and the best way to keep dkp inflation down). My dkp was holding strong when another bidder jumps in to the fray.
A resto shaman…..
with an ass load of dkp…..
he wants this weapon bad……
He caps out my dkp and ends up bidding more than me and getting the weapon. He said he wanted it for grinding.


This shaman is known for just taking random items for off specs and then never using them. Apparently the biggest beef is that he took some T5 shoulders and turned them into an enhancement set but never uses them because the rest of his enhancement set is all blues.

I better see him running around with this weapon while grinding or I’m going to find him in Real life, tie him up, lay him in bed next to his mom whom I’m doing while his dad sits crying in the corner with a broken nose forced to watch.

Thursday night is an off raid night for the guild, so im not sure if ill be taking the night off or maybe try to form up a ZA group. A hunter transfer buddy of mine is dying to get into ZA so If I get on ill see if I can get something going so he can hopefully pick up his axe. If I can’t get a ZA group going I’m going to log off and go find that f*cking shaman in RL.

Oh on a side note, this week in SSC I realized you can spell reflect the rampant infection. 7-8k relflects Very Cool.

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