Friday, March 21, 2008

Flood water FTL

Sorry it’s been since Monday when I last updated.

I live in Missouri and right now we are getting slammed with flood water. My house is located near two rivers which are both about 40 feet above stage level, by the end of day today they are supposed to be around 43 feet. Luckily the house is located on a hill so it will go untouched by water. If it gets to the point i need to start worrying about the flood hitting me i think its time we start constructing floating cities (think water world) because were f*cked. Even though my house is safe right now its still really causing me alot of problems since all the roads around me have been flooded the fire dept has asked us to evacuate, which we did and are now shacking up at my parent’s house (Yes i realize im lucky in that my property is safe from flooding and i feel extremely bad for the hundreds of familys that have been hit, im just talking about my situation). It’s a very odd feeling when you have to take a boat to cross a major highway. So anyways that’s why I have had such a busy week between volunteer sandbagging, packing up cloths to stay at my parents house, and helping other people move furniture to the second level of their houses because they know they will soon get hit with the flood. *Yeah I know I’m a saint, that’s why women find me irresistible.* Here is a quick news bulletin they recorded yesterday on one of the roads I take to work near my house. Quick Video of them evacuating us.

My camera phone sucks because i have dropped it about 100x but I took a snapshot of the road that leads directly to my house, which is under at least 10 feet of water now.

And here is a picture of the fire dept boat I had to take during the evacuation of my subdivision.

Besides the insane flooding I still logged onto wow at night. I had a pretty damn good week too.
We have yet to attempt vashj yet this week but all of SSC is cleared and she is waiting on us.
Void Reaver dropped his T5 shoulders for me that I picked up for a small amount of DKP and the TK trash also dropped a ring that I picked up which also went pretty cheap.
Comparing shoulder graphics (I think i almost prefer the old graphic)

New Shoulder Stats

New Ring
While these are both good upgrades for me what I’m excited about the most is that FINALLY I got a team to hit 1600 rating in arena’s! Woot F*#king A! If you are some awesome pvp guy and you think this is low and shitty well can kiss my sack.

Since we havnt attempted any new bosses this week my post is somewhat short. Even though I have the body of a bronzed greek god I am beat from sand bagging and my brain isn’t working well enough to come up with anything interesting to say. Tonight I think we are trying Vashj and if she doesn’t die tonight we are going to attempt her again Saturday, I also plan to swim to my house Saturday or Sunday just so I can check up on things and make sure no jackasses are messing with my house. *Man that’s weird to say that*
I also may take this opportunity of an evacuated subdivision to walk over to the house those kids live in (the snow ball kids who messed with my house over the winter), collect all their toys and toss them into the river.

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