Monday, March 10, 2008

Warrior Threat Macro

I used to often have times where I felt my lag affects my ability to produce high amounts of threat. I found a macro on in the forums that I thought I would share with you in case anyone out there has the same problems.

Before I found this macro I would find myself tanking and not being able to spend my rage fast enough. I couldn’t spend it fast enough because I was just a little bit laggy which ment that my threat per second was consistently hovering around 600-700, which bothered because i always knew i could produce more. Having a full rage bar means that any rage I was producing while having 95% or more was pretty much wasted because of the cap.

This macro is not to be used except as a rage dump or threat boost. Smart tanking and manually using your skills is always the correct way to go, but if you lag like me sometimes you might need to spam this to get your rage down to an acceptable level and hike up your threat. After establishing agro on bosses (obviously it takes a few seconds to build up to this, you cant just run in spamming the macro right away) I can keep 900-1100 TPS consistently and 800-1000 on trash pulls. If I find my rage getting too high, I can mash spam the macro which can give me burst TPS up to 1500 which is pretty cool to see. This macro does not include shield block or revenge which I use along-side this macro, NEVER let your shield block go unused it’s too important to miss. You also have to be careful to not spam the macro to much fully draining your rage bar in case you need to spell reflect or shield bash a spell. This macro is supposed to help you with threat and rage management due to lag, you cannot tank off this alone. No-body likes a lazy tank, unless your incredibly sexy like me and then allowances are made in exchange for nude photo's.

The Macro (I apologize you cant copy paste it atm, ill add that back in later)

Normal Threat on mobs (800-1000'sh)
Burst Threat when rage gets to high (1100-1500 tps)

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