Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Server Disconnects pooped on my first Hyjal.

Tuesday, new Patch Day:

Downloading wow patch at work, all pumped up to maybe check out some new 2.4 instances, maybe raid Hyjal, or even do a new daily. Get home and see that my ISP is down. I give them a call, it will be down all through the night.

Anger…..Skin begins to turn green, muscles bulge and cloths begin to rip and tear. That’s when my girlfriend says “Hey your mom called today to see if we wanted to stop by for dinner so she could hang out with the baby for a while.”

Hmmmm my parents have an internet connection through a different provider that is even better than mine…..I begin to shrink away from the incredible hunk back into the bronzed god that I am and pack up my laptop to play wow there ..and get a free dinner out of it.

So first off I log on and like most everyone else head off to IF and then to the new island to see what it’s all about. As of my last view of my server its 4 to 1 horde to alliance, after last night I’m pretty sure it’s more like 25 horde to 1 alliance. Upon landing all I saw was a field of red ganking horde. This may have been the roughest alliance ass raping I have ever had. I had a monstrous rez timer and no-where to run. I’d rez and walk a few feet toward the ocean and die, rez walk die, rez walk die. Finally I got far enough out in the water I went under, swam for a while, beached myself, and then hearthed. The beating was so bad I thought about stealing my kids bottle and curling up under a cover and crying myself to sleep.

My first hour in the new patch was not enjoyable. I did do the two daily quests in northern hellfire later on and those were pretty quick and painless. I have been grinding primal shadows for a resist set so I’ll probably work those two quests into my pre-raid schedule.

After my quests were done I was informed we were going to head into Hyjal just to see it for kicks since everyone was tired of getting ganked or done with their instance. Hell ya im all down for that. The raid forms up and before long I was checking out the inside of Hyjal. I really dig the idea of participating in “The battle of mount Hyjal” since I enjoyed playing the campaigns and beating the Hyjal map in Warcraft Three. We start the event surrounded by alliance footmen, knights, ranged dwarf gunmen, sorcerers and Jaina Proudmoore. We start the event and floods of scourge start flooding at us on two minute timers. I would charge in and grab the cryptfiends, aboms, or necro’s depending on what wave came out and hold onto as many as I could, the rest were held onto by our pally tank and another warrior. The hunters would peel off a mob from the paladin and kite him over into the npc’s then kite it back into the aoe killing field. This would get all the alliance army to help kill the scourge along with us, which I thought was really cool. First attempt were in there kicking ass tearing through wave after wave with time left to eat and drink. Then all of a sudden tweleve people are instantly disconnected on our second to last wave and unable to log back in. With that many people gone (including the pally tank) we couldn’t do anything about the free mobs raging about and it was a wipe. We hung out for a while waiting to see if these guys could log back in but it turned out they couldn’t so the raid was called. I really think we will be able to one shot this boss on our next attempt, from what I read the waves of scourge are harder than the actual boss encounter. I hope instead of jumping right into SSC tonight we go give Hyjal another shot first.

I forgot to bring screen shots to work today to post along with this, but I’ll just include Hyjal pics the next time we head in. As far as the ass raping pictures on the new isle just picture horde everywhere you look with scattered alliance bent over in front of them.