Wednesday, November 14, 2007

At least the trash was easy

Last night I logged onto WoW and saw that group 1 had headed into ZA, I was worried for a while that I had missed my ZA chance but a few hours later a second group formed up which I got to MT. Me and Dirty run ahead to the ghostlands and try to start summoning people. I say try because horde were camping the stone making life hell for a lot of people. I think blizzard tried to prevent stone camping because they put guards all around the flight path and summoning stone, but some horde guys found a few safe areas to ranged attack without having the guards pull. After pissing us off enough by cancelling our summon portals, we finally killed enough horde that in between their rezzes we were able to get the group summoned. After you zone into ZA you talk to a npc, Harrison Jones (Harrison Ford & Indiana Jones Mixed, I love the names Blizz uses). He is an archeologist who has found a way into ZA and needs help opening the doors. The doors open and immediately the group is swarmed with 2 big elite trolls which require one tank each and dozen slaves which are aoe’d down. First trap mobs go down nice an easy, it was the same for most of the other trash as well. In fact from zoning in to the first boss we never wiped, I was really happy about that (While clearing trash ZA group 1 announced they had killed the bear boss, Grats to you guys!). I will admit though that a lot of the trash are kind of a pain in the ass. There is a shaman “Witch Doctor” who will toss down totems making all the mobs invincible, so that totem has to be burned down every time it’s up. There is also bear riders that pull in packs of 2 that separate from their mounts which are kind of a pain as well. It was nothing we couldn’t handle though and before we knew it we were setting up for the bear boss pull.

The bear boss is an endurance tank and spank fight. I am sad to say we didn’t get to kill him last night, we did manage to get him to 24% though. I was tanking his humanoid form and we had a feral druid tanking his bear form. The rotation went well, he really doesn’t hit as hard as I thought he would, some of our healers just seemed to run out of mana a little bit too early. When I say he doesn’t hit that hard I mean his normal melee attacks, but he does cast bleed effects on the tanks which seemed to be our downfall. The healers would burn all their mana healing the tanks through the bleed effects. We had 3 pally healers but I think having a resto druid with leet HOTS might have made the difference. I was with a good group of guys last night so even though it ment more wiping none of the healers were asked to leave so someone else could come in. After the first three wipes on the boss he reset so all the trash needed to be killed again. I was impressed that we cleared from the front to the boss again in 16 minutes, and during that time we had people outside repairing. After another couple of wipes on the boss some people had to go to bed so it was called. I was really hoping for a boss kill last night, but were planning on going in again tonight so hopefully we get a down a boss, or even 2.

Here are a few screen shots I grabbed at ZA but I forgot to get a good picture of the boss while fighting him =/ .
Bastard Horde =P
Boss taunting us.
Last Pull before boss.


Honors Code said...

How did you guys handle that last pull before the boss. The bear riders were rocking me and Brindall hard.

Raydz said...

I was on one bear, Dirty was on the other bear, we ice trapped the axe thrower (they los him down the steps), and chain feared the shaman.
With the bears we had a 2nd druid grab the bear when they seperated while i tanked the humanoid.
We also had same success trapping the humanoid when he dismounted while i tanked the bear. It was just easier for 2nd druid to tank bear because sometimes the trap would get resisted. Long story short we used 3 tanks on the bears, but trapping also worked fine if you only have 2 tanks.