Friday, November 2, 2007

Dragging Ass Today

Last night around 10:30 server time we formed up to run the last half of our Kara run. I have been staying up really late all week raiding/grinding so after last night’s run I am completely dragging ass today. The run itself was great, we one shotted shade, Illhoof, chess (of course), and Prince. I picked up a better pair of tanking boots off chess, which I like better than my boots of elusion. Our hunter made out like a bandit last night getting his t4 gloves, t4 helm, a nice belt, and maybe even a dps cloak if I can remember correctly. It was around 1:00 in the morning my time when we decided to try to kill Nightbane, 5- 6 people had never attempted him before so I had figured we wouldn’t kill him. We gave him 3 attempts and on the last one he was down to 25%, which I thought was really impressive being the first time for so many. We all plan on going back after him this weekend and getting our kill on him and Netherspite. I didn’t get to bed till around 2:30 am and had to wake up for work at 5:30, so I’m feeling completely trashed and don’t feel like writing anymore.
I will update you on how plan “Manly” went (see previous post). My hot neighbor wasn’t home, therefore I had to switch to a secondary sexual target…her poodle. After that magical moment was done plan “Manly” can be called a complete success. I’m just joking, sorry if I grossed you out, of course I would never let a dog prepare dessert for me, I’m not some sick freak, jeez.

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Oakensledge said...

Omg, good to see your keeping the ol' blog nicely and "clean". LOL