Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Random Spewings

Here are some random mumblings.

Last night our 5v5 team got together last minute and we got our 10 games in. Again we had a different class make-up than the previous 2 weeks so it took us several games to get into a rhythm (no one ever wants to do skirmish warm-ups), but by that time we were already down to 0-4. We finished the week at 4-6 with a 1446 rating; at first I wasn’t sure if we were going to win any. On the games we did “click” we beat 2 very well geared teams getting 18-19 points for each of those wins, so that was exciting. I am about 100 points away from my season 2 helm, but I’m going to just sit on my points until season 3 comes out. Another thought I’m having is I would love to set aside 1 day strictly for 5v5 practice. I don’t even care if we run the rating into the dirt, it will be reset to 1500 when season 3 gets here (In 1-2 weeks). Hopefully after a bunch of practice we can do better in season 3 than we are doing now. I know we are limited by our gear, but we are better than what our ranking is. I’m of the mindset a little practice can make a big difference. If we practice and still don’t do well, I will take all the blame. I am cursed with this sexy ass which is obviously distracting my friends and hindering their pvp.

Speaking of the next patch I am really looking forward to a lot of the new content, besides season 3 arena gear there is the new 10 man instance. Which is awesome, I’m pretty burnt out on Kara and would love to see some new boss encounters. Also when doing these 10 mans the bosses will now drop badges (excellent idea blizzard), so my previous post about a massive heroic run badge grind maybe not needed now in such an extreme.

I did a few heroic runs this weekend of slave pens and steam vaults, those went over pretty well and I added 9 badges to my inventory. Is it just me or does Slave Pens and Steam vaults seem to be on an equal level of difficulty? In fact I don’t know the answer to this question, are all heroics supposed to be the same level of difficulty since they are all “heroic”? They all give the same badges of honor, it would make sense they are all on the same tier of difficulty. I realize on non-heroic runs slave pens is obviously way easier than steam vaults, but I don’t think that a heroic slave pens should be easier than a heroic steam vault run.

Anyways I feel like I’m just passing time now till the new patch comes then I’m hoping I can get in a solid team to really start cracking away at the new 10 man dungeon, which I realize is going to be extremely tuff, but I’m excited none the less.

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