Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hope "most" of you had a good holiday

Wow I hadn’t realized it’s been a week since my last post. I was off work a lot around the holiday so that’s why it’s been so long in between posts, speaking of that I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving. No wait...I take that back, everyone except the 5v5 teams we played on Sunday, I hope your turkey was rancid and gave you massive bouts of diarrhea. Then I hope you realized you were out of toilet paper and had to drag your ass across the carpet like a dog with worms to get clean. Sunday our 5v5 got together and got our faces stomped, we went 3-7. I think our team was a little to “squishy”. It was me (Arms for arena), Aztk (Holy Pally), Luminati (Holy Priest), Faeye (Shadow Priest), and Dirty (Feral druid). It seems like every team we would play we were facing extremely well geared guys, most of the time we lost we were only losing 9-12 points. The 5v5 team still has not been able to get a solid group going yet, I don’t think we have played 2 weeks in a row where it was the same 5 guys. I don’t think were ever gonna “click” if we’re always finding someone new to take a spot. Hopefully that changes soon, especially since the new season starts today.

On the PVE home front I was able to get my breast plate from Nightbane! After killing him 100 times he finally dropped something for me, now I just need his shield. Since everything resets today it’s probably going to be a Kara badge night, unless a 25 man run is tossed together. As far as 25 man raids go over the weekend we Killed High King Mulgar and Gruul, both were one shotted but neither dropped anything I could use. Even though i receieved no loot it was still fun just going in there and killing them so easily when at first it seemed like Gruul was an impossible boss because we wiped over and over and over. Last night our guild gave Lurker a shot. The trash in SSC seemed to be much easier than the trash in TK, so that was a nice surprise. We were never able to kill lurker, I think people were getting hit on the spout and we also had trouble on the adds. Our last attempt was our best though, we got through the spouts okay and eventually killed the adds but didn’t have enough people left alive to kill lurker. We were in there with only 5 healers, I hear that you are supposed to have 7-8 maybe that would have made the difference?

This Thursday we have a Mag attempt planned. Hopefully I get a spot in the raid and get to check him out, I’m be pretty excited to see him for the first time. I’m totally down for checking out all the bosses and stuff but I hope eventually we go back to focusing on just 1 boss at a time. We had VoidReaver down to 48%, if I had to pick the next raid id say we go give him some more shots since it seems like we were finally learning him. It doesn’t matter who we kill next I love learning new boss fights, I just like to see someone get rewarded at the end of the kill. Preferably “Someone” meaning me. To get that first kill though I think we just need to stick to our guns and keep wiping on one boss over and over until everyone finally gets the hang of it. At least that’s my experience from learning the bosses in BWL,AQ40, and even from recent raids,look at how many times we wiped on Gruul. Wipe + wipe + wipe + sleep + wipe + wipe + wipe = boss kill.

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