Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gruul T-bag

Last night we formed up our 25 man raid to go take down Gruul. Theoretically one day we’ll be doing HKM and Gruul in one night but as of now we still have a few wipes on him so it ends up being dragged into a 2 night event. We did however kill him last night, this being my first time on a Gruul kill, second time for Mal Katai. It was really awesome to see him die after having wiped on that boss so many times. Two hunters won the legging tokens, I think we DE’d some shaman boots since we had no shaman in the raid, but I managed to walk away with a nice two handed axe. I slapped a savagery enchant on it and now it will be my new arena weapon. It’s a nice upgrade from the despair sword I was using. The graphic on it is a little goofy though.

This week our guild is switching over to a “dkp” type of raiding format, which I think is the fairest way to run raids so I’m 50% excited to see these changes come into effect. The other 50% that’s not excited is because lately I’m on fire with my loots, anything that drops that I want I always win the roll, so now I have to put aside my loot whoreish ways and get in line with dkp. This type of system does need to be in place though, my luck will not hold out forever and the people who just have horrible luck but raid all the time need to get their dues. DKP systems are what I am used to from pre-BC raiding, they help keep a solid loot distribution structure and honestly they push people to stay on a little later and not skip scheduled nights if they can help it. I do have a little trepidation at some of the “changes” our guild made from a normal DKP system, but I’m hoping they all turn out to be good idea’s and I’m just biased because I have never done it this way before. The biggest change that worries me is that lets say I have 5 dkp and so does another tank and we both want the same item. We both say we want the item, so it goes to rolls. Makes sense, the winner of the roll gets the item and it cost him his 5dkp, that’s the way dkp has always worked and is solid. We’ll now one of the “changes” implemented is that not only does the winner lose his 5dkp, but the other guy rolling against him loses 2 dkp. It’s kind of like being “Charged” for your roll. I see this causing problems in two different ways, the first is that people are allowed to “buy” dkp by donating mats to the guild bank (The fact you can buy dkp I’m not sure how I feel about that yet, but I do see where people who constantly donate potions to the guild should be rewarded for that). Roughly 200 gold in donated mats will buy you 1 dkp. If you want an item and lose, you just spent 400g in hard earned mats and time on a crappy roll with nothing to show for it. The idea of a dkp system is to reward people with loot and in most cases take away the chance for it to go to “rolls”. The second problem is our dkp cap is very low so I’m foreseeing most loot going to rolls. With people going to rolls I feel like we’re diluting the true value of a dkp system. All the people who have crappy rolls will be losing dkp all the time, and with a low dkp cap they will never make significant dkp gains to keep them from always competing with rolls on loot. It’s almost like we don’t need a dkp system if we’re going to do it this way because all it’s doing is going back to rolls anyways. I’m not sure if I explained my concerns well enough to make sense but by now you’re bored to tears so ill just say this; I’m really happy were going to a dkp type of system, a little worried the “changes” made to dkp will imbalance it.

This morning before work I downloaded the last bit of the patch which goes live today, I also stopped in front of the mirror and was shocked by how sexy I am. I’m really excited about being so sexy and also all the new boss encounters and possible loot that will be released today, I have been looking forward to this for a long time. It’s easier to progress 10 people through an instance than it is 25 so I see ZA being farmed before the EYE or SSC, or maybe I’m just on crack and ZA is gonna beat my ass 4 nights a week without ever seeing a boss kill. I think tonight I’ll be going into ZA so tomorrow ill post some screen shots if I’m lucky enough to go.

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