Friday, November 9, 2007

Poked in the Eye

Last night we formed up our 25 man raid and headed toward the eye with the plan to take on Void Reaver. After fighting a war with horde for a while we managed to get everyone to the zone and into the instance. This was the first time in the Eye for all but two of the raid members. As we wiped on our first pull of mobs I have to admit I had my doubts we would even be able to progress down the hall, let alone to Void Reaver. The next pull went better, and then the next was better after that, until finally we seemed to be making some headway. I later was pleasantly surprised how quick everyone learned to deal with the trash pulls, next time I don’t think we’ll have to worry about constant explanations which took more time in the raid than the actual mob killing. We cleared trash for about 2 hours before we got to Void Reaver. We did get one epic drop from the trash which went to a resto druid, Grats to Dirty! On the way to Void Reaver we passed the Phoenix boss but did not attempt him, apparently he is really hard and we’re not ready for that so he was bypassed. I will note though that I think he has a kick ass graphic and I am looking forward to attempts on him because I bet he does some bad ass looking spells. Besides being a loot whore I’m also a graphics hoe, I always judge a book by its cover when it comes to bosses. I guess I’m shallow when it comes to WOW =P. Epic Trash Mob Drop

Phoenix Boss
After all the trash killing we finally arrived at Optimus Prime, in my head I kept connecting the Void Reaver to Optimus Prime, even though they have very little similarities. Apparently I have seen that movie one too many times. Hopefully later in the dungeon I’ll find a mob which resembles that hot chick who is also in the movie wearing the short skirt and cut off shirt. Anyways we never did get to kill Optimus but we did get to put in 3 attempts on him. We only got him down to about 78%, which was kind of a bummer, I was hoping we would do better than that. We kept losing too many people to the arcane balls, I don’t know if people didn’t understand or weren’t paying attention but I think that’s what killed the attempts. I was one of the off tanks on him so my job was only to fight for aggro and tank void reaver when it came to my turn, i think i did alright and didnt mess anything up. Overall In my opinion we did better on trash than I thought we would, but not as well as I had hoped on the boss. I think next time we’ll move through the trash much faster and get in more attempts at the boss.
During the raid the Guild Master was talking about a new kind of loot system she is wanting to implement, I didn’t get to hear all of the explanation but it was already making me leery. It was explained as “Like DKP but NOT”. I don’t know what this means but I’m really hoping that it keeps a fair level for everyone. Someone was arguing in chat why not just use a standard DKP system, even though I don’t know what the exact plans the GM has for a new system, I also want to argue with what’s wrong with a normal DKP system?

Honorshammer usually posts the raid-stats on the guild site the day after a raid so ill be examining how I did tanking compared to other the tanks sometime next week. I am thinking though it will be harder to compare because as an OT on Void Reaver my job is to just fight for agro, so I was using rage on shield slam and devastate and not really shield block. Therefore when I was hit I was probably being hit for harder than I should have been. I’ll let you know next week on that.

Overall I had a ton of fun last night, new instances new strategies it was a shit ton of fun. Thanks Raist for organizing the run good job man!

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