Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Ugh, I am starting to turn into quite the zombie. Last two weeks I have been staying up way to late, last night was no different. Started out the night with a great Gruuls run, full clear with a one shot on each boss. That was the first one night Gruul clear we have had as a guild, it was awesome and now that we have set that bar we can hopefully always clear it that quickly. In my previous post I had stated how much I need new pants, I’m still using blue Felsteel leggings and those have gotta go. Gruul ended up dropping double t4 warrior, druid, priest tokens so I was pumped. I’m not sure if our MKP has been implemented yet or not but both tokens went straight to rolls. I’m not sure which F*$ker at Blizzard didn’t get the memo but I am supposed to win every roll ALWAYS. Both tokens went to druids so Grats to those guys. I hope they realize though that since you took my lootz I’m going to do your sisters in front of a camera and post it all over the internet as payback. Actually that’s a little harsh, Gruul also dropped some dps plate gloves which no one wanted so I picked them up, since I didn’t walk away empty handed I’ll just do your sisters but leave it off the internet. Our Gruul’s run was the tits and I’m really happy I didn’t miss it, can’t wait to go again.

After the Gruuls run was finished I had to make sure I got in my arena games for the week. Me, Slymongoose, and Honorshammer/Dirty(taking turns) went 6-4 last night in our 3v3’s. I got to try out my new axe and I was pleasantly surprised. It hits like a truck on clothies. After our 3v3’s were over I got whispers from my 5v5 team asking if we could get together and get those games in as well. I was happy to do them , I’m an arena junkie any chance for arenas and I’m all over it. Our setup was Arms Warrior(me), Honorshammer(prot pally), Faeye(Shadow Priest), Aztk(Holy Pally), and Slymongoose(marks hunter). We went 7-3 last night which I thought was really good as we didn’t do any skirmish matches and really have not ever played together as a 5v5 before. I should be carrying about 2700 arena points over into season three next week, depending on how much gear has rating requirements I might be sporting the season three arnea helm. I talked to Dirty this morning and told him he missed the 5v5’s because he went to bed early. Dirty was one of the druids who won the t4 pants over me earlier in the night, it’s a shame he missed out on his 5v5 arena points……

I had every intention of going to bed after our 5v5 games because it was already late and I was so tired I couldn’t hardly keep my eyes open. That’s when Luminati asked me if I wanted to go for another shot at Nightbane. Nightbane has two pieces of gear that I really need so how could I pass up on that? Who needs sleep anyways, I can nap at work. I have been running Kara with group 2 lately and we have been tearing every boss up except for Nightbane, he has been a thorn in our side for a long time. Last night Kara was all clear except for him so we formed a group and gave him a shot. There was only one priest in the group last night so even though he kept his fear ward up on me when he could I still had to stance dance a lot. I hate to stance dance it is such a pain in my ass. I already have to make sure I have max threat, keep shield block up constantly, burn my trinkets on cool down, consume healthstones-pots-last stand-shield wall when needed, but to add on the fact of stance dancing is a pain. Anyways I got through my job and the dps/ healers rocked the house last night giving group 2 their first kill. Still no luck on my shield or chest piece, Nightbane is a stingy As$hole. We run Kara again tonight so I’m hoping I can get one of my much needed pieces this week.

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