Thursday, November 15, 2007

Group 2 Bear Boss Down

Last night I started forming up group 2 for ZA, I wanted that damn bear boss dead so bad I think I was giving myself a complex. First and foremost I want to say thank you to Celoria for helping group 2 out with all the potions! I think I said thank you 10x in game but you really unloaded a lot to help the group, so I thought you deserved another big THANK YOU! I was able to stock up our healers and casters with mana pots, health pots for tanks, and feed everyone helpful foodstuffs. It made a huge difference last night, if you ever need anything from me please just ask!
That being said, after grouping up we zone in and start killing trash up to Bear boss. I forgot to time our trash killing, I won’t forget next time because I want to get an idea of how we are going to do on the “timed” run. We killed the bear on the second attempt. He went down extremely smooth and easy, when I think back to yesterday it’s like… “what the hell was our problem?”. He dropped some lame ass claw that no one really needed which was kind of a bummer, but at least we get to say 1 boss down!
After killing the bear boss we cleared to the eagle boss. The trash on the way to eagle couldn’t be any easier, so that was a pleasant surprise. The bear rider trash on the first boss makes the eagle’s trash mobs look like a joke. The eagle himself on the other hand…his storm is a pain in the ass, and so are his damn bird spawns. We attempted him 4x before the group decided they wanted to jump into Kara for some badges. Our best attempt we got him to 48% I think. Every attempt though we improved significantly and the next time we go in there he will probably die. There is a lot of fun to learning a boss fight where there really is no help from strategies guides or from people who have been there before, makes the boss kill more rewarding in my opinion.
ZA so far Bear boss dead – Eagle 50%
So now It’s time to point out what a ninja I am…again….
Two weeks ago in Kara the raid leader forgot to put it on ML on Moroes. Two loot windows pop up on my screen, I click greed on both of them. I just don’t pay attention to that shit, I never look to see what it is, I never need any of that stuff so I just greed, it’s almost like a habit now. I hear a lot of groans on vent and I realize what I did. Everyone else had passed on the loot and I greeded so therefore I got them. I felt like an ass that entire run and apologized over and over, honestly that stuff bugs me when I f*&k up someone else’s loot. Low and behold I inadvertently do it again last night. The raid leader forgot to ML on Attumen, two purples flash up on my screen but this time everyone is yelling in vent for me to pass. Ever since I did that in Kara two weeks ago it’s been forged into a joke about me being stealing every ones epics, so through all the joking everyone actually knew to yell at me to pass. Even if they hadn’t of yelled I learned my lesson and would have passed anyways, which I did. So everyone passes and people start clicking on the boss to get their badge, I did as well. What I didn’t realize is that I had the “loot all items” clicked on in my interface, so when I click on the boss it asks “would you like to bind this item to you” of course I would it’s my badge,I clicked yes. Well it gave me some bracers that were supposed to go to a paladin. I was so angry at myself I was cussing up a storm in vent, I hope I didn’t upset anyone’s delicate ears. So there I was again apologizing to someone because I stole their loot. Ugh ugh ugh, I feel so bad when I do something stupid like that. Basically I guess this whole last section is just a long apology to the paladin I stole the loot from =/

I think tonight were hitting up the eye again for another shot at void reaver, im looking forward to long as its on Master Loot.


Honors Code said...

Ninja!! lol.

Galoheart said...

That was tooo funny been a blind ninja. I guess the paladin who needed those bracers was't too happy i'm sure. Honest mistakes happen though.

I'm always on auto loot and forget when i got into instances. I just always look when stuff pops up do nothing and then see just what they all are. Then choose. Even in Heroics when getting my badges with auto loot on i always remember to select the badge itself to make sure it dosent bind someone elses epic to me. But your stuff way just funny thought.

Raydz said...

Yeah i havnt touched a dead boss until i have made sure there is nothing left on him but my badges, the pally was cool about it but im sure it erked him.