Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Tank Points

With this blog post I’m going to analyze my “tank points” and what I can do to make them better. Honors pointed me at this mod and I have found it to be extremely helpful, thanks for the tip. What will also be kinda cool is in a few months I can hopefully look back at this post and see how much my character has improved. A few minutes ago I got done going over my screen shots and getting my thoughts in order to write this post when the thought occurred to me that I’m turning into a big Fu*#ing nerd. When I’m done with my nerd post I’m going to have to go home and do my girlfriend while watching a porn then demand she cook me some dinner while I go beat up the neighbor so I can get some manliness back into my life. No wait change of plans, I just realized my neighbor is actually a chick……. and not to bad looking, instead of a fight ill just do her as well and tell her to cook me a dessert.

Okay with these manly plans firmly in place I feel like I can now start analyzing my tanking numbers and let my nerd flag fly. First off there are 2 stats I don’t really understand so if anyone reading this can lend a hand I would appreciate it. I don’t understand what miss% is, is that the chance a mob will miss me or how much I am going to miss a mob? There is also hit %, I don’t understand the mechanics behind this number, so an explanation on that would be really helpful as well. What I will look at is my total reduction, my dodge, my parry, my block, crit % against me, and crushing % against me. What sucks is I don’t have screen shots of other tanks “tank points” so I don’t know what I NEED to have to be a strong tank in Gruuls or later dungeons, I can only guess.

Here is a screen shot of me just standing still not doing anything but looking sexy. My total reduction is 80.74%, compared to other tanks in my guild is this good? Of the main tanks in the guild (the guys I compared against in my previous gruul post) I would guess I probably have the lowest total reduction because my gear is not as good on several key pieces. I only compare myself against the tanks in my guild for the following reasons; We are all doing the same raid encounters therefore get exposed to the same mobs, so the only differences between us is similar gear, talents, and play style. I can’t compare myself against guys in SSC+ because they have the opportunity to get amazing gear that I can’t right now so I would just look like a schmuck and not be able to do anything about it. I also can’t compare myself against some tank who hasn’t done heroics or Kara yet because his gear wouldn’t hold up to mine so I would look amazing and could think I have nothing to improve on.

As you can see in the previous picture I have a 15% chance to get crushed, this is why you have to constantly spam shield block as a warrior. With shield block up my 15% chance to get crushed goes to 0% , my chance to block is upped to 47.71%, and my reduction goes up 1.7%. If you’re a warrior and not using shield block constantly for these advantages, not to mention it almost always enables revenge, then you’re a turd. This is why I put talent points down to get improved shield block because it adds the ability to block 1 extra attack and increases the duration by 1 second. These numbers tell me it was well worth it. *side note the hit% went down from 8.4% to 0%, I guess that’s good?*
Now this screen shot shows the advantages of using my pocket watch. My reduction jumps up from 80.74%(that’s me just standing there) to 87.54%(6.8% difference), that’s sweet in itself but what’s really tight is that my dodge skyrockets from 24.41% to 40.26%. I’ll be holding onto this trinket for a long time I think. Now keep in mind my shield block isn’t up for this screen shot so I am still able to get crushed. I cannot only use my pocket watch and think I will be in a good position to survive, always always always keep shield block up. *side note the hit % is back to 0 again*
This screen shot opened my eyes to what a crappy waste of a trinket Adamantite figurine is. It does give me 32 defense which is nice, but I have enough defense to go around. So what bonus does its “use” give me? All that it does is raise my total reduction by .95%, and that’s only for 20 seconds. I need to fill this trinket slow with something much better, most likely the shield block trinket received by turning in heroic rewards. For right now I could replace this trinket with a pile of dog sh*t and wouldn’t really notice the difference. *side note, the hit% was not affected and remains at 8.4%*
This screen shot is what I look like if I use my shield wall and last stand macro. I use this macro basically to save me when tanking a boss and I get low health. That’s actually what my macro is called “save me” which is what it normally does. Also in this macro I burn my two trinkets as well (*The trinkets were not burned in this screen shot, only SW and LS*). I have made it a point now that to use the trinkets as often as I can, not just when I’m in trouble so the trinkets are usually on cool down and not available in the macro. Shield wall when used reduces the damage by melee attacks by 75%, as you can see it works, my total damage reduction is boosted to 97.97%.
Now if I were to use my “save me” macro and my trinkets were available to be used , here is the screen shot for that. My total reduction is 98.93%, and dodge is at 40.26. In reality though this isn’t all I would be at because I forgot to add in shield block for this screen shot, which I WOULD have up. If I was in trouble and used my “save me” macro and used my shield block my numbers should look something like this.
Total Reduction – 100%
Dodge – 40.26%
Now this doesn’t mean I’m invincible, if I was up against Gruul he is still going to ground and pound me because of his level vs me BUT to me it is still some impressive numbers.

The most important thing I walk away with in this review is that I need to replace that trinket BAD. My total reduction can also be raised with new pants, chest, and shield, all of which need to be replaced if I ever plan to be a stable MT on Gruul or later raids. Now that this is done I’m going to go wash the nerd off me and execute plan “manly”.


Honors Code said...

So when you look at the combat table you see all the possible outcomes of a hit against you.

Those outcomes are a mob can miss you (Miss%), you can dodge (Dodge%), you could parry (Parry%), you could block and take damage minus your block value (Block%), the mob could hit and get a crit (Crit%), the mob could hit and get a crush (Crush%), or the mob could just hit you and not crit or crush (Hit%).

When Hit, Crit and Crush are all 0, the worse thing that can happen is you block and take partial damage.

You total reduction is about 5% better than mine. You've got more dodge and more block than me.

Maiden's neck and Moroes Trinket are two places were your gear pwns mine, and I'm guessing that's where the change is. In addition, you've gemmed for avoidance (Parry, Dodge) and I've gemmed almost entirely for Stamina. We have almost the same amount of hit points, but Warriors start out with a 1500hp advantage over Paladins. That is being addressed somewhat next patch.

You've also got your T4 helm where I do not (grumble...rogue out rolled...grumble)

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